Best Wakeboard for Beginners

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Best Wakeboard for Beginners

Yes, we’re aware of all the questions that have been circling your mind and have brought you here. And we would confirm that you've arrived at the proper spot. Checkout the list of best wakeboard for beginners.

Every year, each company introduces new wakeboards. While it was meant to be helpful to us, it can also be perplexing at times! That's why we're here to assist you with what we consider to be among the best beginner wakeboards available. Let's take a look at who made the cut.

Best Wakeboard for Beginners in 2021




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Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard

Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard

M6 mount pattern

Available in a range of sizes

Lop-sided layout

Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

D-I-S-C hull

Comes with detachable core fins

Dura-Glass coating

O'Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings

 O'Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings

Features binding chassis

5-point modification

Ease of leg placement

Blemish Reverb Factory Wakeboard from CWB

Blemish Reverb Factory Wakeboard from CWB

Comes with System 80 Core setup

V-technology at either end


 Airhead Radical Wakeboard

Airhead Radical Wakeboard

Fins are detachable

PU-core material with fiberglass rods

Distinct style

Slingshot Choice Wakeboard

Slingshot Choice Wakeboard

Smooth rocker

Biosensor wooden core


O'Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings

O'Brien Natural Blem Men's Wakeboard

Foam core

3-stage rocker

Length of the board: 1.39m

 Hyperlite Divine Jr. Kid's Wakeboard

Hyperlite Divine Jr. Kid's Wakeboard

Features 4 molded fins

Continuous rocker

V-base burrow

1. Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard

Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard

The Hyperlite Skate 2.0 board is a one-stop-shop for all your skating needs. The board's bottom has a circular rocker that enables you to do any tricks you like.

Furthermore, unlike other boards, it is entirely made of layered glass, rather than woven glass fibers, making it highly sturdy. To top it off, this light wakeboard comes with a collection of free bindings.

It has an uneven bottom with elongated fins and streams, as well as an uneven top. It enables you to grip the board and slice through the water with it. While it may seem to be an insignificant design option, it may help you progress and learn more effectively.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Generates larger pop over the wake


  • Harsh landings

2. Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

The Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard is the one for you if you want something that will last a lifetime while staying within your budget. This is because it is so well-made that it can be used by people of any skill level.

It has D-I-S-C hull technology, which, in conjunction with its long, molded fins, helps it to maintain stability. Furthermore, its trip also allows you to glide with or without the core fin.

The wakeboard's rim channel on both ends provides minimizes drag, allowing you to stay on the surface. Thanks to its smooth rocker, this wooden wakeboard helps you to learn new tricks.

It also comes with a one-year warranty. As a result, it demonstrates that the company wishes you to enjoy this board for a great many years.


  • Suitable for wakeboarders of all abilities
  • Great stability
  • Detachable core fin


  • Not recommended for people who weigh more than 70 kilograms

3. O'Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings

O'Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings

Another budget-friendly wakeboard that swept into the list is the O’Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings. This feature-packed board provides a lot of advantages to its users.

It comes with a smooth rocker and detachable core fin to gain stability and generate desired pops. Moreover, this low-weight wakeboard features a feather core that minimizes the swing weight to gain further control. 

The O'Brien wakeboard's duo-molded channels also provide the benefit to make spectacular edging and tracking. What makes this board stand apart is its inclusion of binding chassis. The chassis provides room for better leg placement, providing the ultimate comfort to the user.

Other than these amazing features, you can also enjoy a grab rail that makes it easy to lock on to grab and further helps in carrying the board.


  • Better ethereality
  • Newbie-friendly
  • First-class construction


  • A more snug fit is preferred

4. Blemish Reverb Factory Wakeboard from CWB

Blemish Reverb Factory Wakeboard from CWB

The CWB Factory Blemish Reverb wakeboard is here to help you improve your wakeboarding abilities. It's now simpler and yet interesting to promote yourself thanks to the V-technology in the tip.

It offers a flawless landing and seamless movement all over the corners. Furthermore, the board's shallow center outlets keep it low in the water. 

This wakeboard has a 3-stage rocker for full pop. It also has a System 80 center configuration, which is surely optimal for the wakeboard. Besides that, this Reverb wakeboard is UV-protected, which, of course, increases its longevity.


  • Smooth rocker
  • The duo-core spine allows balanced landing
  • A slew of short stages allows grip without trailing


  • A bit heavy

5. Airhead Radical Wakeboard

 Airhead Radical Wakeboard

The Airhead Radical Wakeboard is another wakeboard that generates more pop. This product has detachable nylon fins with wide and curvature ends. These features allow you to glide through the water easily.

Furthermore, the bindings are more rugged than some, ensuring a secure grip and alignment. And with its lopsided structure, the Airhead Radical Wakeboard looks great too. As a novice, this wakeboard can be a worthy investment because it can also be used at advanced levels.


  • Excellent control
  • Robust build quality
  • Suitable for wakeboarders of all types


  • Lopsided structure meets certain tastes only

6. Slingshot Choice Wakeboard

Slingshot Choice Wakeboard

If money isn't an issue, then the Slingshot Choice Wakeboard could be the best option out there. This product's high price is justified by its flex technology, which allows for a smoother landing without sacrificing higher pops.

The wakeboard also has more stability and power thanks to its Taperwall technology. 

Furthermore, the curved design allows you to rise off the peak. Its four wake fins reduce drag and improve flexibility and power. With its biosensor wooden core, the Slingshot wakeboard can last ages. Despite being a compact board, it never fails to offer top-notch boarding efficiency.


  • Abiding build-quality
  • Allows smooth and pliable boarding
  • Lucrative design


  • Not suitable to board with pace

7. O'Brien Natural Blem Men's Wakeboard

O'Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings

To provide a more customized boarding experience, the O'Brien Natural Wakeboard has a broader tip and a powerful tail. When on the peak, the 3-stage rocker enables to produce a greater upward pop. You can now enjoy a quick and resistant-free ride thanks to its Delta base feature. 

In addition to its excellent features, it is also extremely robust. And when the detachable core fin is not in use, the streamlined fins and curvature of the wakeboard are adequate to provide good power.


  • Delta base engineering
  • Budget-friendly
  • Allows for improved grip


  • Only those that favor a heavy-tail strategy would find this useful

8. Hyperlite Divine Jr. Kid's Wakeboard

 Hyperlite Divine Jr. Kid's Wakeboard

Here's the Hyperlite 2017 Divine Jr. Kid’s Wakeboard, which features the tail of our list.  This wakeboard is ideal for anyone new to wakeboarding, including children. Despite being coated in glass, this wakeboard is very light in weight. It also has four detachable molded fins that help the board glide through the water.

It has V-technology on both the tip and the tail, which allows for improved edge control. M6 inserts were also used in the wakeboard's construction, ensuring its longevity and strength.


  • Allows for comfortable landing
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Firm and sturdy


  • Wakeboarders at all levels are not recommended

Wakeboard Buying Guide

When it comes to purchasing beginner's wakeboards, it shouldn't be taken lightly. Also, the best amateur wakeboards need consideration of several variables. Here, we've compiled a list of factors to consider when acquiring your first wakeboard.


The dimensions of a wakeboard are essential not only for beginners but also for pros. However, as a beginner, we recommend going for one that is broader. Although this may slow down the pace, it will allow you to learn the boarding tricks.

Corners & Rails

Wakeboarders can also benefit from corners and rails when executing stunts and picking up speed. Surface training is normally done with those that have round edges. But if you prefer greater momentum, the one with sharp rails and corners is the way to go. 

The best part is you can also avail both of their benefits with wakeboards that have variable rails. They have sharper corners on the corners and are smoother in the center. This allows you to enjoy the wakeboard with both sharp and rounded rails and corners. So choose the one that suits your purpose.


The fin of the wakeboard serves as the steering department. As a novice, we recommend getting the one with the larger fin since it gives more grip and power over the board. Furthermore, some wakeboards come with removable fins. As a result, you will have leverage and enjoy a better practice with them.

The Perfect Rocker

The curvature at the wakeboard's ends is known as the rocker. Some have a more circular base, while others have a more streamlined base. For newcomers, a wakeboard with a constant/more rocker is recommended because it gives them more power over the board and helps them deliver maximum performance. Wakeboards with few rockers, on the other hand, are effective at propelling you forward.

Protection & Reliability

Wakeboards aren't something you buy now and then. So, in addition to its technical specifications, you must also consider its construction.  In general, a tight and cozy binding is preferable for the board.  Besides, the type of coating and threads used on the corners play a role in ensuring its dependability.


Although an expensive wakeboard is not recommended for a beginner, the price can often fall outside of the range when offering the best. So, if the price isn't a problem for you, I recommend going for the more expensive option (only if it features everything you need).

These considerations have been shown to be successful when purchasing a wakeboard. During my quest, I did a lot of surfing over the web to jot down the characteristics I needed to consider. And guess what, it eventually assisted me in determining the best wakeboard for me. So, if you keep these considerations in mind, you, too, will succeed!

Final Thoughts

Wakeboarding is a sport meant to promote adrenaline levels. Anyone who dives in with the board for the first time falls in love with it right away. And this is something that'll happen to you as well. Yet, as a beginner, you should focus on honing your techniques first. And if you're thinking of buying one from our list of the "best wakeboards for beginners," you'll never have to think about its dependability.

Have fun with your brand-new wakeboard!

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