Best Volleyball Balls

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best volleyball ball
In today’s world of sports, volleyball is the most exciting and fun sport to play indoors and outdoors. This sport is performed in two teams, where each consisting of six players and separated by an uplifted net. Players in one team hit the ball front and back until the other team can’t hold it. The primary goal of a volleyball player is to learn how to control the ball, whether dedicated team or beginner.

Volleyball Balls Buying Guide

If you want to avoid additional nuisance after purchase, you should figure out some must-have features while choosing the best volleyball ball. In this section, we would allude to few crucial points that must be considered.

1. Purpose

Firstly, you need to think about the actual purpose of your volleyball play. If you want to play for recreational or beach fun, then suitable volleyball designed for outdoor play will be the best choice. On the other hand, purchasing a top-quality indoor volleyball is the best deal for daily practice and competitions.

2. Soft Touch

The chosen volleyball should be adequately padded so that it delivers a soft touch. And the soft texture helps you make a superb and firm grip over the volleyball surface.

3. Bladder

You can get two types of bladders in volleyball design, either latex bladder or butyl bladder. Usually, the bladder is incorporated for viability and to hold air for an extended period. Notably, it should be stiff enough to withstand the impact and flexible enough for ball passing, serving, and spiking. Before making a purchase, you must check the specification for a better experience.

4. Panels

The panel size should be large enough to get improved ball control while serving. The multiple numbers of panels give prolonged durability. However, it can minimize grip and ball control. It would be best if you keep it at an average level for the utmost performance.

5. Weight

A heavy-weight volleyball is an ideal set for opponents and makes things relatively easy. However, lightweight volleyballs are easy to throw, but it travels slower than the heavy one.

6. Visibility

The color combination of volleyball and exclusive panel design helps to track the ball flight. Consequently, it increases visibility. Going for a vibrant color keeps you cautious in the whole game as you can easily navigate the way of the flight path.




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best volleyball ball

Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball

FIBA approved official volleyball of the NCAA championships and USA volleyballs

Improved ball control and consistency, thanks to its FLISTATEC stability technology

It eliminates turbulence when the ball is flying

best volleyball ball

Tachikara Sensi-Tec Composite SV-5WSC Volleyball

Suitable for people of different ages

Best official competitive volleyball

The inner construction on this volleyball is a little loose, which gives it the perfect control

best volleyball ball

Mikasa MVA200 Volleyball

The soft texture and exclusive panel design make it suitable to gain superior grip while passing the ball

Best for entry-level volleyball players

Design to deliver precise control while the ball is in flight

best volleyball ball

Tachikara Institutional Quality Volleyball

The ball is made of using Butyl bladder and single unit construction method, ensuring durability

Provide smooth and consistent contact thanks to its woven-fiber composite leather material

Reasonable and reliable volleyball ball in several energetic team colors

best volleyball ball

Molten Competition L2 Volleyball

Available in a broad range of enthusiastic colors to fit the requirements of several teams

The ball texture is so soft due to the cotton wrapped built

Excellent for brilliant overhand serves, spikes, and floaters

best volleyball ball

Wilson Graffiti Volleyball

Aesthetic design with a vibrant color combination and so enjoyable to play in beach, yard, or park

The 18-panel construction makes it a reliable volleyball

Include butyl bladder for prolonged air retention

best volleyball ball

Mikasa VQ2000 Volleyball

Tightly-packed structure for all types of players

The panel design provides the improved visibility of spinning and flight pattern

Soft built to protect from injuries

best volleyball ball

Spalding Pro Wave Volleyball

Solid enough with its machine-made TPE cover

Official outdoor volleyball for fun, not for training

Patented wave panel design for excellent grip

Wilson Cast Away Volleyball

Ideal for outdoor recreational games

High-quality, soft leather for better touch

The panel design with a butyl bladder for viability

Baden Lexum Composite Game Volleyball

Attainable in multiple colors

Every touch gives you a soft feeling

Non-slip, durable construction

1. Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball

best volleyball ball

The Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball owns the tag of Official Volleyball of the USA and the NCAA Volleyball Championships. And one of the best volleyball balls for indoor usage, so if you want one for outdoor, this is not for you. The soft texture with microfiber cover is designed to ensure a superior firm grip and more precise overhand serve.

Thanks to its patented FLISTATEC technology, it’ll boost ball control and accuracy that an athlete would expect with every touch. The red, blue, white color contrast along with unique panel design creates gentle rotating mobility. Plus, it increases visibility for volleyball players.


  • The inner material is nylon, comfortable and smooth
  • Patented Flight Stable technology for improved ball control
  • Outstanding grip for its soft, thick texture
  • Unique color contrast increases visibility


  • The quality of the material is not so adequate

2. Tachikara Sensi-Tec Composite SV-5WSC Volleyball

best volleyball ball

Tachikara is a prominent brand that has acquired fame in offering the best athletic balls. You can get this ball in several fantastic colors and shapes, making it suitable for almost all ages people. Another significant advantage of this volleyball is the price so reasonable. Those who want to get a good volleyball even at an affordable range must go for this innovative piece.

The leather material is not so sticky, which gives it a soft touch with outstanding performance. Furthermore, it enhances the ball balance thanks to its loose bladder construction. This one is best to provide superior accuracy while setting, serving, or hitting the volleyball.


  • Vibrant colors with better visibility
  • High-quality built material
  • Convenient to control for its loose bladder construction
  • Perfect for all ages with its slip-free, tight grip


  • It feels a bit hard in the first place

3. Mikasa MVA200 Volleyball

best volleyball ball

To get a better result in volleyball, you need a suitable ball with all essential features. The Mikasa MVA200 is an official volleyball for the indoor Olympic Games. Their bright blue and yellow color combination is easily picked up by human eyes when it comes to visibility.

Feature an exclusive 8-panel design and the latest aerodynamic engineering. All these details deliver excellent stability and improved ball control. The unique, small dimples on the ball surface add soft texture and create turbulence. Also, it reduces resistance, so the ball smoothly travels through the air.


  • The inner area is nylon wounded that makes the ball soft
  • Come with a unique microfiber cover
  • Improve passing, serving, and spiking
  • Provide superb grip while serving


  • It can feel slippery and heavy

4. Tachikara Institutional Quality Volleyball

best volleyball ball

Want to get a traditional look in your volleyball? The Tachikara Institutional Volleyball may be the best option for you. This one is available in several energetic colors, making it an economical choice among enthusiasts.

The ball is built of composite leather, which is a combination of leather scraps and polyurethane. This ball uses a single-unit construction system and an advanced Butyl bladder, making it one of the best durable volleyball balls.


  • Unique color combination
  • Ensure long-lasting usability
  • Made of premium materials
  • Affordable price


  • Sometimes it can’t hold up air for a long time

5. Molten Competition L2 Volleyball

best volleyball ball

Volleyball from Molten that should be mentioned is Molten Competition L2 Volleyball. This volleyball has all the vital features you require in a competition-level tournament.

The micro-fiber synthesized cover is added to offer an ultra-soft touch. However, it’s solid enough to hold out the intense level of daily practices and competition. This volleyball is engineered to meet the requirements of NFHS and fits the official size and weight.


  • Best for dedicated beginners
  • Offer multiple colors to match different team needs
  • The inner area is cotton wrapped makes it soft and smooth
  • Durable enough to meet the needs of professional practice and competition


  • It feels a bit heavier to some users

6. Wilson Graffiti Volleyball

best volleyball ball

Design with peaceful beach vibes and scenic sunset views, the Wilson Graffiti Volleyball is a perfect addition to beach volleyball. If you want a vivid, colorful volleyball, nothing can be better than this excellent piece.

The 18-panel machine-made leather construction and a butyl rubber bladder are accountable for a long time of play. It keeps the volleyball aerated for an extended time and eliminates the necessity to re-inflate.


  • The aesthetic design makes it ideal for recreational play
  • Available in some cheerful colors
  • Superb durability with its multiple-panel construction
  • Good value for money


  • Sometimes it leaks air just after 4-5 days

7. Mikasa VQ2000 Volleyball

best volleyball ball

Whether you’re a starter, intermediate one, or professional athlete in the game, the Mikasa VQ2000 Volleyball has some distinctive features to improve your level. The construction is so soft for its composite cover.

Thanks to its butyl bladder design, it ensures maximum firmness, actual size, and airtight structure. Plus, the external area is built from microcell material, which offers super flexibility and the ability to endure pressure.


  • Suitable to use in indoor and outdoor play
  • Durable, soft composite cover
  • Patented Accu-Balance technology for ball control
  • Competitive indoor ball built with official size and weight


  • Not a swift-moving volleyball

8. Spalding Pro Wave Volleyball

If you’re looking for an ideal volleyball for just outdoor fun play, the Spalding Volleyball is the right deal for you. This one delivers absolute ease and soft touch to the whole surface of the ball.

Constructed with a machine-sewn TPE cover, this volleyball is exceptionally durable and can stand up to tear or wear for a long time. On top of that, the wave panel design is incorporated to ensure a non-slip, superior grip during serves or floaters.


  • Best for non-competitive outdoor game
  • Wear protection
  • Made of TPE cover for ultimate durability
  • Soft and comfortable texture


  • Not suitable for competition purposes

9. Wilson Cast Away Volleyball

The Wilson Cast Away Volleyball is specially constructed by getting inspiration from the award-winning movie “Castaway.”  This one is the replica version of the original Cast Away volleyball.

From outdoor fun to mid-level practices, this volleyball is best for all kinds of activities. The 18-panel machine-stitched construction and leather material give it a durable structure and lasting features.


  • Ensure high firmness
  • Multiple panels improve the serving ability
  • Rubber bladder for airtight structure
  • Top-quality leather cover for excellent ball control


  • Not so practical for professional training

10. Baden Lexum Composite Game Volleyball

Construct with a cotton-coated butyl bladder, which ensures durability and better air retention. This volleyball comes in high quality for lasting usage.

The sting-free valve design will give you a soft touch every time and helps to track the flight easily.


  • Great quality durable volleyball
  • Non-slip, soft covers for enhanced ball control
  • Offer 35+ exciting colors
  • Best for professional levels


  • Not for kids

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate player, or a professional, choosing an ideal volleyball ball is crucial for all levels of athletes. However, the best quality volleyball not only does give success, but it also offers some tremendous benefits. Playing volleyball with the right equipment helps maintain a healthy lifestyle and protects you from undesirable bruises.

All the best volleyball balls are included in our article are compatible enough to deliver optimum performance. Still, we would mention Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball for its excellent visibility, better grip, and improved ball control.

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