Best Soccer Balls

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Best Soccer Balls

A proper soccer ball changes the entire experience in the match. The swift and light the balls are the faster and intense the matches tend to be. But selecting a good soccer ball is not an easy thing. There are lots of brands manufacture soccer ball in different models in different price range and quality. As overwhelming as it seems to pick the right ball, we are here to help you out in finding the best product for your convenience by listing and reviewing the best soccer balls in the market.

Buyer’s Guide to Best Soccer Ball

Most soccer balls these days are manufactured to be light in weight and straightness in flight. It makes the movement of the ball easy for the players to control and hover around the field.

The soccer balls quality differ in many departments as well. To have a pleasant experience in the game there is no substitute for a good soccer ball. You need to know which features you need to look for as well as what kind of match you are playing. 

Now, let us go through some of the features and parameters we will be looking for in a good soccer football. 


Soccer balls are designed differently depending on the purpose of the play. The balls for actual matches are much lighter and smooth. While soccer balls for practice should have tough construction and durability. 


Soccer balls made from leathers, synthetics, thermal fabric, nylon, heavy foam etc. Each of these materials has significant texture and weight which shapes the outcome of a fine soccer ball. Synthetics are mostly used by manufacturers in their best models. 


Soccer balls are constructed has a number of panel layers. The layers can be sewed with machines or hand. The machine sewn balls are likely to have less durability then the hand sewn balls.

However, Machine sewn balls are more popular for practices. Some players prefer the smooth surface of seamless construction. 


The weight of a soccer ball depends on the material it uses. Leather made balls are heavier than any other materials. Synthetic is a popular choice for manufacturing light weight soccer balls.

Best Soccer Balls in 2021

Now let’s jump into the reviews of some the best soccer balls in the markets and weigh their pros and cons




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Best Soccer Balls

Adidas MLS Soccer Ball

Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Machine stitched construction

MLS printed logo

Best Soccer Balls

SELECT Numero 10

Hand sewn stitches

Synthetic material

2 years guarantee

Best Soccer Balls

SELECT Royale V20

32 hand-stitched textures

Straight flight

3 years warrantee

Best Soccer Balls


Nylon material


Seamless construction

Best Soccer Balls

SELECT Thor Soccer Ball

Hand sewn construction

7 wing bladder

2 years guarantee

Best Soccer Balls

Adidas Captain Tsubasa PRO

Thermally bonded construction

Tsubasa graphics

Air retention

Best Soccer Balls

Mikasa D97 Soccer ball

Synthetic material

1.3 pounds

Indoor use

Best Soccer Balls

Umbro Neo Soccer Ball

Maximum air retention

Machine stitched

14 panel construction

Best Soccer Balls

Mikasa Fsc-450 Soccer Ball

Synthetic material

Indoor use

14.39 ounces

Best Soccer Balls

Adidas Team Top Replique Soccer Ball

Seamless surface

Traditional panel

Durable TPU cover

1. Adidas MLS

This soccer ball is designed for practice uses mostly. The material used in the surface is 100% thermoplastic polyurethane. It is light in weight and the flight is quite straight.

The panels are stitched by machines for high quality durability. If you are looking for a tough one for your practice, this is a good option to consider. 

The bladder of this soccer ball has durable rubber build which keeps the ball consistent and firm to kick. So you do not have to be worried about power long shots. The logo and the design are printed by MLS technology.  It is resistant to pressure and water. It is available from size 3-5, for adults and children. Moreover, this is an elite competition in the market.


  • Durable rubber build bladder
  • MLS Print
  • Light weight


  • Does not come with air pump

2. SELECT Numero 10

Numero 12 is another choice for a good practice soccer ball. It has synthetic surface, which makes the ball light. This has a hand sewn durable construction. And the bladder is zero winged.

This ball is exceptionally bouncy and flies accurately. It is 1.5 mm deep PU cover for long lasting use.

This ball is approved by NCAA and NFHS, so you can be rest assure about the quality. To assure you further SELECT offers a 2 year guarantee. This ball comes with a hand pump for your convenience. You would need to pump the ball in every few days for the best performance.


  • Comes with hand pump
  • Bouncy and light
  • Durable construction


  • Often needs air pumping

3. SELECT Royale V20

SELECT is one of the prominent brands for quality and duration. Royale V20 is a perfect for both training and durable matches. The surface of the ball is made of Japanese PU leather which means it has a tough construction. It has 32 hand stitched panels. The panels are structured for high friction on the ground. It also creates a firm a control against the feet.  

It has 1.8mm deep PU textured cover that adds a wonderful lively bounce to the ball. The bladder of the ball is designed with zero wing latex. This adds a very light and soft texture which signifies the construction of this model. 

This model is also NGHS and NCAA approved for good quality. SELECT also offers a 3 years of warrantee for durability. It is one of the premium models so far by SELECT.


  • Comes with hand pump
  • PU textured cover
  • Tough construction


  • Needs frequently pumping

4. MIKASA FT5A Soccer Ball

MIKASA is another trusted brand for quality sports materials. It has innovated the FT5A model to be a quality full soccer ball in a proper budget. This ball is made from pure nylon material. The surface is smooth and seamless. It runs very swiftly on grass as it is light in weight. It is a rather hard built soccer ball. 

The seamless construction of the ball is what makes it quite attractive. It helps the ball to run smooth in rain or any wet ground. You can rely on the quality as it is FIFA approved. This ball is shipped inflated, so be sure to have a pump ready before receiving the shipment.


  • Water proof
  • Very bouncy and light in weight
  • Quality assurance


  • Doesn’t come with a hand pump

5. SELECT Thor Soccer Ball

Thor is a specially developed soccer ball by SELECT. This model is designed for incrediable durability and a good bounce. To ensure these features SELECT has used 1.0mm deep PU cover. The bladder in this ball is 7 wing special, which gives it a swift bounce. 

The construction of this ball is hand sewn, it has 32 panel layers. These layers give the ball a very accurate and straight flight. The panels also absorb the water to a maximum extend. So you do not have to worry about playing in wet grass or in rain. 

NFHS and NCAA assure the quality of this, so you can rely on this ball without worrying much.


  • Specially developed
  • 7 wing bladder
  • Maximum water absorbance


  • Might feel heavy friction

6. Adidas Captain Tsubasa PRO

Tsubasa PRO is one of the exotic looking soccer balls in our list. Adidas has been a trusted for any kind of sports supplies.

They have designed this model with top quality features so that professional matches can even rely on this. It has a blended textured surface. It uses polyurethane, recycled polyester and viscose for the cover of a smooth surface. 

The construction of this ball is thermally bonded for absolute seamlessness. It is super swift and smooth. You do not have to take powerful shots for long passes. The ball seems so roll very delightfully. The bladder is made of premium butyl for incredible air retaliation. This model is named after its Tsubasa graphics.


  • Exotic look
  • Good air retaliation
  • Smooth seamless construction


  • Does not come with a hand pump

7. Mikasa D97 Soccer Ball

Mikasa designed this budgeted soccer ball for indoor practices. It is friendly to the artificial grass and rolls very smoothly. It is made of synthetic surface. Which means it does not weigh much, only about 1.3 pounds. The finishing of the ball is quite elegant. It is easy to control the ball on dry or wet surface. 

This model is only available in size 4. It has the classic football look of black and white contrast. The construction of the ball is indeed tough and durable. It is deflated at the time of shipment, so prepare a hand pump beforehand.


  • Lightweight
  • Smooth surface
  • Tough and durable


  • Only available in Size 4

8. Umbro Neo Soccer Ball

This is another model of a quality soccer ball in a good budget. Umbro is known for its special way of bringing best features in a reasonable price range. This Material of this ball is blended. It has a premium camp as a result rolls very swiftly on the grass. It can be used to play on different surfaces. 

The construction of the ball is durable and tough. It is machine stitched. It has 14 panel layers. The additional PU composite improves the softness and the bounciness of the ball. You can only think of a great experience in dribbling. The butyl bladder allows maximum air retaliation. The ball is shipped flat, that’s a heads up.


  • Reasonable price
  • Water resistant
  • Maximum air retaliation


  • Does not come with a hand pump

9. Mikasa Fsc-450 Soccer Ball

This is a Chinese made indoor soccer ball. Mikasa is known for its best effort in making indoor practice soccer balls. The surface cover of the ball is made of 100% synthetics. It is light in weight, which means kicks get boosted up. 

The construction of the ball is focused on the power and speed of the ball. It deluxe cushioning inside allows the ball long durability and balance.

The panels are stitched together for giving a low bounce to the ball, which means the maximum control of the ball will be in your feet. This ball has a beautiful bold look of pop up colors. This adds increased visibility to target the ball.


  • Good foot control  
  • Colorful design
  • Balanced and durable


  • Only available in size 4

10. Adidas Team Top Replique Soccer Ball

This model of Adidas is regarded for its quality performance and consistency. It is designed for rough practices and for best performance in any weather or surface. So the surface is made of thick foam layers to maintain durability. 

The TPU cover on the surface layer helps absorb water or any wetness as quickly as possible. This allows the ball from growing heavy by soaking up in water. So you can play relentlessly even in rain.

The advanced TSBE technology creates an efficient seamless surface, which also help the ball to uptake as minimal water as possible. It allows swift footwork. The graphic design on the ball is also quite eccentric.


  • Maximum water resistance
  • Swift footwork
  • Durable


  • Brand adds extra charge

Soccer balls are delicate choices for players and we understand that. The best outcome from a soccer ball is a major essence of the game. So to find yourself the perfect soccer ball ask yourself what is going to be the purpose of the ball, the size, the material and the surface you play on. At least be confident to kick the ball with speed and power.

You can also read about best indoor soccer shoes.

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