Best Shoes for Cricket

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Best Shoes for Cricket

If you know anything about cricket, then you are aware of the importance of a good shoe. They help improve your performance by making running around the field easier, absorbing shock, and providing comfort especially during hours of match time. You can find hundreds and thousands of shoes endorsed by big cricketers and brands, which oftentimes becomes confusing. So to make things easier, we have compiled a list and reviewed some of the best shoes for cricket you can find. 

Best Cricket Shoes





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Puma EvoSpeed R 3.4 Spike Cricket Shoes 

Microfiber, mesh construction

Ergonomically designed outsole

Molded spikes on the outsole

11 spike configuration



DSC Beamer Cricket Shoes

PVC upper and outsole

EVA sock liner

Polyurethane outer material

Lace-up system

Ventilation holes on the front


Best Shoes for Cricket

Kookaburra KC 3.0 Cricket Shoes

Constructed with a combination of mesh, leather, latex, and PU materials

The heel is thermoplastic

EVA foam on the midsole with Durafoam

The tongue and heel are padded


Best Shoes for Cricket

KD Vector Atomic Pro Cricket Shoes

Outer material made from PU and mesh

EVA foam outsole

Footbed is padded

Cushioning around the ankles


Best Shoes for Cricket

CW White All-rounder Cricket Shoes

PU upper with mesh lining

The collar and heel counters are padded with cushioning 

Ventilation holes on the sides

Lace-up system



Adidas Adizero Boost SL22 Cricket Shoes

BOOST technology and EVA midsole

TPU studded outsole

Beveled heel

100% synthetic with synthetic outsole


1. Puma EvoSpeed R 3.4 Spike Cricket Shoes


If you are a fast bowler, then the Puma EvoSpeed R 3.4 is a great option. This lightweight cricket shoe is made from rubber and PU and has a rubber outsole. The upper has a microfiber, mesh construction for skin feel and better breathability.

The rubber sole has 11 configuration molded spikes on them, 7 metal spikes on the front, and 4 rubber spikes at the back, for better stability and grip, especially when you are going to bowl. The ergonomic design also adds to the grips and traction offered by the shoe.

Overall, the shoe has lightweight, something that is valued by cricketers for easy running and acceleration. It has a good lacing system that will allow you to run easily and take sharp turns. This Puma EvoSpeed R 3.4 cricket shoe will definitely up your performance on the pitch. Plus, the neon colors are eye-catchy if you like bright colors. 


  • Lacing system for easier running
  • Neon colored body
  • Suitable for fast bowlers
  • Provides good grip and traction on the field


  •  Spike tool not included to remove or adjust the spikes

2. DSC Beamer Cricket Shoes


The DSC Beamer is an all-rounder cricket shoe that can be worn by bowlers, batsmen, and pacers. The best thing about this pair is that it is available for all ages. The outer is made from polyurethane material and the upper and outsole from PVC material.

The use of these materials makes the shoes extremely lightweight which helps to gain speed while on the field. The shoe comes with ventilation holes at the top, for better breathability. This means that when you are playing under the sun for hours or running around, you will not feel as uncomfortable.

Speaking of comfort, the sock liner has EVA foam for added comfort and durability. The DSC Beamer cricket shoes come with a lace-up system which makes running easier. The sides of the shoes sport large DSC logos and you have three color options, Fluro orange white, Fluro yellow-white, and grey/white to choose from.


  • Three color options to choose from
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Good breathability
  • Faux-leather sole that will last longer and offer good traction


  • The sole is slippery, especially for pacers
  • Heavier than expected

3. Kookaburra KC 3.0 Cricket Shoes

Best Shoes for Cricket

A minimalistic option, the Kookaburra KC 3.0 cricket shoe is made from a combination of materials, that will bring durability, stability, and comfort to the table. Or the field! The shoe sports mesh vents for airflow and allow better breathability. This prevents heat build-up and the clima fresh lining adds towards increasing airflow.

The heel is thermoplastic which provides stability and the lightweight EVA midsole provide ample cushioning from the heel to the forefoot and can absorb shockwaves. To contribute to the comfort factor of this shoe, the tongue and heel are padded. Not only that, they offer support and stability the entire time you have the shoes on.

The outsole has premium spikes on them that give good grip and stability. You have the option to choose a rubber sole instead which is useful if you are playing on a synthetic pitch. The Kookaburra KC 3.0 is the perfect shoe for fast bowlers if they are looking for a simple pair of cricket shoes.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable dual foam and EVA midsole
  • Excellent stability and grip
  • Versatile use- the rubber sole option can be worn outside of the field
  • Easy to clean


  • Difficult to maintain the light color

4. KD Vector Atomic Pro Cricket Shoes

Best Shoes for Cricket

If you are new to playing cricket, then the KD vector Atomic Pro is the way to go. The outer of this lightweight cricket shoe is made from mesh and PU. The mesh allows good airflow and makes the shoes breathable especially when your feet are sweating. This shoe is all about comfort.

The footbed is padded and there is cushioning around the ankle so when you are standing and playing for hours on end, you are never uncomfortable. Plus, the rubber sole is made from EVA foam, TPU, and phylon.

The rubber sole allows you to play on synthetic surfaces, and you can even wear them outside the field for a casual look. You have three color options to choose from, pro white, white/blue/green, and white/black/green. 


  • A comfortable feel throughout the whole time the shoe is being worn
  •  Three color options to choose from
  • Can be worn outside the field as a casual look- versatile
  • Ample breathability


  • Need to be broken in
  • Might be a tight fit for people with wide feet

5. CW White All-rounder Cricket Shoes

Best Shoes for Cricket

The CW White cricket shoe is a pair for all-rounders. So you can be a bowler, pacer, or batsman and wear them. The upper is made from PU and has a mesh lining for breathability.

There are ventilation holes on the side of the shoes for additional airflow and to keep them free from moisture. Aside from that, there are paddings on the collar and heel counters that make them super comfortable to wear.

The CW White is all about breathability and comfort. It has a lace-up system that makes running as well as taking turns easier with stability. This white pair has hits of red and three blue stripes with stars, giving it a unique design. This is a sturdy and high-quality cricket shoe that is highly recommended. 


  • Extremely breathable with ventilation holes
  • Super comfortable to wear courtesy of padding and cushioning
  • Unique design


  • Might not last long
  • Difficult to keep clean

6. Adidas Adizero Boost SL22 Cricket Shoes


Adidas is a well-known brand in the sports world providing high-quality products, and you can expect no less from the Adidas Adizero Boost SL22 cricket shoes. This pair is 100% synthetic and has a synthetic outsole.

The outsole also features a lightweight TPU and is studded for good grip. The upper provides support to the forefront area that allows quick multi-directional movement while playing. The midsole features EVA foam and BOOST technology which enable quick response and improves stability.

The lacing system on the rear and forefront area makes running and just generally moving easier without hampering the shape. That is one less thing to worry about while on the field. The removal of spikes along with the use of TPU material makes the Adidas Adizero Boost SL22 an ultra-light pair. Moreover, you get the iconic Adidas stripes on the shoes for a cool effect.


  • Super lightweight because of TPU material and no spikes
  • Enables quick response and provides good traction
  • Improves stability


  • People with wide feet might has difficulties with this pair

Cricket Shoes Buying Guide

Now that you have an idea about the best cricket shoes, this buying guide will help you determine the things you should keep in mind when choosing a pair. 

Spike vs. Rubber Sole

The type of sole that is best suited for you depends on the kind of surface you play on. For synthetic pitches, rubber soles are usually preferred. The rubber soles have a good grip and tend to last longer against wear and tear especially when soil or moisture ends up on the pitch from the outfield.

The Nike Potential 3 is a good rubber sole option. As for spiked soles, you need them while playing on a turf pitch. The spikes will give you grip and is essential especially if you are a fast bowler while you are landing your front foot. 

Feet Size

Getting a shoe that fits you right is directly related to your comfort and eventual performance. If you have got wide feet, and the shoes are too narrow, you are likely going to get a blister and of course, be uneasy.

On the other hand, if the shoe is loose, then you are potentially risking slipping and injuring yourself.

A properly fitted shoe is of utmost importance especially when you are going to be wearing them while playing or training for hours. You can measure your shoe size on your own, or get it professionally done by simply going into any shoe store.

Your role

The shoes are influenced by your role on the field. If you are an all-rounder, a shoe that is made from mesh synthetic material to make it lightweight is important. Mostly rubber stud shoes that are durable are used by all-rounders. As for bowlers, the grip is the main thing.

While you are delivering a ball, you need a good grip on the surface. Refer to our ‘Spike vs. Rubber Sole’ section to find out what kind of outsole is needed for the type of surface you play on. Ample ankle support is also a valued feature for bowlers, especially if you are a high-impact fast bowler.

Batsmen require half spiked cricket shoes that will enable good footwork. If the spikes are too long, then they will dig into the surface. Half spiked shoes better allow batsmen to play against pace and bowlers. 

Your Budget  

You can find cricket shoes from all price ranges. The price usually depends on the reputation of the brand, and its features. If you want to perform well on the pitch, it is best you opt for a high-end pair. However, that does not mean the affordable options are any less.

Some options such as the Asics Gel Peake 5 are a great budget-friendly option that does not hold back on its functionality. Be sure to read customer reviews before purchasing a pair of cricket shoes. Also, if you need to wear cricket shoes often, it is best you choose a high-quality pair that will last you a while. 


As is with every sport, a good pair of shoes is equally as important as having skills. They can affect your performance drastically. This is why it is of utmost importance that you choose only the best cricket shoe that is right for you.

Plus, a buying guide to let you know exactly what you need to look out for. All the cricket shoes on our list are chosen because they possess their own unique feature that will be benefit you on the field.

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