Best Outdoor Basketballs

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Best Outdoor Basketballs

Basketball is one of the most prominently featured sports in the world. Casual playing or competitive, you will always need some things however. Be it shoes, a courtyard or a basketball. With a wide plethora of choices to pick from it may become overwhelming at times. With certain factors to consider, the budget involved and longevity, we have made a list of those we think is best. Let us begin today’s review for the best outdoor basketballs.

Best Outdoor Basketballs in 2021

Here is a list of the best outdoor basketballs you can get. Consider going through the features that are shortlisted below. If you want a broader description, each of them are also given. Be wary that the price might vary at times.




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Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel

Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel

Fit for players of all ages

Designed with both indoor and outdoor games in mind

Game ready, ships fully packed with air

 Spalding NBA Street Outdoor

Spalding NBA Street Outdoor

Made for the outdoors, very durable during play

Design is made to ensure that the ball handler has full control

Ships inflated, no inconvenience of pumping air after shipping

Wilson NCAA Replica Game

Wilson NCAA Replica Game

Crafted with moisture absorbing material for outdoor play

Deep channel ends up providing extra control when holding the bal

Made for casual play, can be refilled with air whenever necessary

Molten X-Series Indoor/Outdoor

Molten X-Series Indoor/Outdoor

Approved by the International Basketball Federation for its specifics

Gives optimal performance during play when fully pumped

Synthetic exterior for the best grip and control in practice

Mikasa BX1000 Premium

Mikasa BX1000 Premium

Strong grip and control with tacky rubber exterior

Great for the budget and very affordable

Seams are not too deep to make great for peak performance

Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor

Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor

Officially verified by the NBA for its specifications

Sponge rubber design for the exterior making it strong

Mainly designed for outdoor play, very rigid against concrete

Wilson Killer Crossover

Wilson Killer Crossover

Deep channel construction gives great grip to the ball

Very ideal for recreational players who want to play outdoors

Excellent rebound and durability due to premium carcass construction

Spalding NBA SGT Neverflat Hexagrip

Spalding NBA SGT Neverflat Hexagrip

Superior control and grip due to deep channel design

Ships game ready and is fully air inflated for best performance

Hybrid design makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor play

1.  Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel

Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel

Designed with all that a basketball player may want from a game, the NBA Zi/O excel is the best basketball in the market. Among the choices that you have available to yourself, this one thrives on all fronts. It is comfortable and dense, making it an easy basketball to play with.

Moreover, its superior design lets you play outdoors with fluidity. This happens to be an official NBA ball, therefore it meets all the standard specifications of a professional level. Regardless of where you are playing, shooting this ball through a hoop is a satisfactory experience.


  • The leather used to make this is synthetic, providing great feel for the player
  • Very durable and strong for what it is, can survive the pressure of outdoors
  • Budget price for the quality makes this a first choice for many players around


  • Above the budget for many players who are just starting playing basketball

2.  Spalding NBA Street Outdoor

 Spalding NBA Street Outdoor

Best in the market for the price, no questions asked. If you are looking for an outdoor basketball without harming your wallet much, look no further. This is the best option for an outdoor rubber basketball.

It is widely recommended for kids, but also is played by adults with. The rubber used for crafting this ball is durable and can survive more than average stress. Air pressure is retained in this basketball even if you end up forgetting to bring it indoors. So consider getting this outdoor basketball if you want to give a gift to a beginner or a child to get them to start playing


  • Designed and crafted for outdoor basketball, can withstand a lot of force
  • Best in the budget if you are looking for that, great product for the low price
  • Perfect for any beginners, made to be used for kids and starters


  • Deflates over time after enough games, will need to pump air occasionally

3.  Wilson NCAA Replica Game

Wilson NCAA Replica Game

An indoor and outdoor hybrid for your every basketball need, this one is very durable. Compare this with any of the considerably more “pro” basketballs in the market; you will see the specifications are up to standard.

You will notice that the exterior is a tacky material. This material will give you a good grip however, as a compensation for the tacky material. All in all, if you prefer composite leather, this is a great choice instead of going for leather. This plays like an outdoor ball but has all the specifics of an indoor ball.


  • Great for the price, considerably affordable for how good it plays outdoor
  • Cushioned well for playing on harder surfaces, does not let air out easily
  • Tacky composite leather exterior that lets you have a better grip of the ball


  • Exterior material collects dust and dirt really fast because of tacky material

4. Molten X-Series Indoor/Outdoor

Molten X-Series Indoor/Outdoor

Another hybrid that performs really well outdoors, the Molten X Series is appealing. This basketball is ready to be played wherever you choose. It is made to remain competent when being struck against hard concrete floors when playing outdoors.

It has a very attractive exterior with a pebble design. This can be a very big positive for many as the look of a basketball is a great motivation during play.


  • Great synthetic cover for the best performance when playing outdoors
  • Minimal air leakage when playing, does not require to be pumped too often
  • Feels and looks great to play with, great for playing outdoors with your friends


  • Often shows creases when being struck too hard against concrete surfaces

5. Mikasa BX1000 Premium

Mikasa BX1000 Premium

The Mikasa BX1000 ships ready straight to be played out the box. The exterior is rubber and going to be a great choice, especially if you are looking for an outdoor ball under the budget.

There are a lot of different sizes that you will also find this ball affordable in. This makes the ball great for both kids and adults. The most unique feature about this ball is its deep pebbling, which gives a really strong grip on any day.


  • Great outdoor ball for the budget for beginners who just need a quick play
  • Pebbling is very deep and strong making the grip and control superior
  • Comes in many different sizes if you want to get a basketball for your kids


  • Might end up showing air leakage at times right after a game is over

6. Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor

Spalding NBA Street Phantom Outdoor

Great for the outdoors, the Phantom Outdoor can withstand some very extreme situations. The basketball is designed for the outdoors with a surface tolerant to the sun. The ball’s exterior is rubber which is crafted with Soft Grip Technology.

This makes the balls handling makes it very easy to palm. Moreover, it stands really up against the weather. This is how you know it can withstand heat and rain without any issues. The color and visual design of the ball is also very nice. Consider it if you want a durable basketball for the outdoors.


  • Rubber exterior with soft grip technology for really nice handling and grip
  • Tolerant and resistant to the weather, can be played well in extreme heat
  • Customizable ball with a really great color scheme and visual design


  • Wears out after being played for a significantly less time compared to others

7.  Wilson Killer Crossover

Wilson Killer Crossover

Designed with an Optima rubber cover, the Wilson Killer Crossover has consistent performance. For recreational basketball players who love playing outdoors, this is great.

There is also a pressure lock bladder for you to maintain it in optimal ball pressure. Regardless of snow, rain or extreme heat, this basketball is a great choice for all types of weather. Even though it is a rubber exterior, the ball has great consistency. The Wilson Killer can really give you a bang for the buck. It has great air retention as well for great playability.


  • Exceptional quality grip for when you want to play basketball outdoors
  • Colorful, vibrant ball is able to retain air really well without any difficulty
  • A great pressure lock bladder helps maintain the best ball pressure when playing


  • Ball is not properly inflated when shipped, requires you to do it yourself

8. Spalding NBA SGT Neverflat Hexagrip

Spalding NBA SGT Neverflat Hexagrip

Regardless of temperature extremities, this basketball is great for wear and tear. Inflation is also handled really well by it for when you want to hit the outdoors.

The never flat technology is a great unique feature that lets you play the ball for a year without any pumping. Hexagonal exterior design gives the ball a really great grip and control.


  • Neverflat technology makes sure that air pressure is retained for long
  • Easy to grip, gives you superior control when you want to play the game
  • Hexagon pebbling design gives the ball a really great look for playing


  • Soft Grip Technology by Spalding is reportedly problematic for this ball

Buying Guide

Shortlisted below are the factors that you might want to consider before getting a basketball. These factors will ensure if the basketball is your type or not. So look carefully through them before getting one for yourself.


First and foremost, decide how big of a basketball do you want. You do not want the same ball size when buying a basketball for your kids that you want for yourself as an adult. You will need a sizable basketball if you want to play outdoors. For smaller sizes, you will have to look for brands that specialize in making basketballs for younger players.


Basketball material is another important factor when you want to buy one. The composite leather is made synthetically and it still ends up feeling like real leather. This is great for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

Leather  on the other hand is not readily available and expensive to buy. It is made for prolonged usage as it will end up softening. These basketballs are mainly made for indoor, professional sessions. Do not try to play the game outdoors with a rubber basketball


Like everything you will use during the game, comfort is also important. You must make sure that you can play the game with easy strong grips. Without a good comfort factor, you might not be able to grip the ball well which will result in poor gameplay. Make sure that you have looked well into the comfort factor before buying your ball. If possible, manually test it out before buying it.

Air Retention

Lastly, air retention is important for any ball and basketball is no different. The ball might tend to let air out after each game. Requiring air pumps too often shows a poor basketball design. You want something that can retain air well for at least a month or so. Be wary however, that this might need you to increase your budget.

Final Thoughts

These were the eight best basketballs in the market for outdoor play. Please go through the factors before considering a basketball for purchase. We hope that our review has been able to help you make a choice. Happy playing! 

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