Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

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Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Outdoor basketball requires a very specific kind of shoes. Not only should these be comfortable and easy to wear, they also need to help you play. How can they do that? Outdoor basketball shoes need to be able to keep your grip on the playing ground tight. They also need to make sure that you can move around smoothly without any issues. So let us take a look at the best outdoor basketball shoes in the market today.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes in 2021

Given the popularity of both indoor and outdoor basketball, you already might have guessed. You have got an insurmountable amount of options to choose from. This is why today we will be taking a look at our top 8 picks for outdoor basketball shoes. We have got a list of outdoor basketball shoes to satisfy all kinds of players. 




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Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XIII SFG

Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XIII SFG

Velcro dual straps ensure tight locks when you get on to play

Keep your feet fresh and dry with the upper mesh

Durable, rubber outsole lets you get a grip on multiple surfaces

Under Armour Curry 3Zero 3

Under Armour Curry 3Zero 3

Fully made from synthetic material for maximum comfort

Upper section is synthetic leather and gives breathability

Cushioning around the ankle is enhanced for better stability and comfort

Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive

Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive

Lightweight and flexible for your convenience when you play

Rubber outsole ends up providing with excellent grip

Synthetic material is used for building this to completion

 Under Armour Men's UA ClutchFit Drive 2

Under Armour Men's UA ClutchFit Drive 2

Durable and strong for superior performance during basketball

Engineered and crafted with care for flexible experiences

Fully synthetic, ensuring maximum comfort for the player

Reebok Men's Royal BB4500H XW

Reebok Men's Royal BB4500H XW

Simple and durable, made for convenient usage

Superior ankle support to protect you from any twists or sprains

Ortholite sockliners to make sure that your legs do not hurt or scratch when taking them off

adidas Men's Dame 5

Adidas Men's Dame 5

Versatile shoe for basketball players playing in any position

Comfortable to wear with a responsible cushion footbed

Flexibility means you can move around wearing these shoes without worry

Nike Zoom KD 12

Nike Zoom KD 12

Lightweight and durable for the outdoor basketball lanes

Snug and comfortable fit with flexible interior

Breathable sockliner to let your feet stay fresh for whenever you play

Under Armour Men's HOVR Havoc 2

Under Armour Men's HOVR Havoc 2

Lacing system is webbed, which lets you have a customized fit

Mesh tongue inside lets your feet stay fresh with airflow

Synthetically made sole for maximum comfort

1. Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XIII SFG

Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XIII SFG

Introducing a juggernaut in the outdoor basketball shoes market, the Lebron Soldier XIII is lightweight and breathable. Not only is it a great piece of crafting to keep your feet protected when playing, but comfortable too. This is widely used by people who are veterans at outdoor basketball.

The issue with outdoor basketball is that it is not usually played professionally. This however does not mean that people do not play it seriously. Those of you who are very serious about your playing sessions, look no further than this one. Designed to increase and enhance your maneuverability and comfort, the Soldier XIII is the one for you!


  • Lightweight and flexible to allow movability to the wearer
  • Breathable upper section means your feet will never get sweaty
  • Sole is fit with responsive bounce for cushioning when you play


  • Pricey for a pair of outdoor basketball shoes, not always affordable

2. Under Armour Curry 3Zero 3

Under Armour Curry 3Zero 3

The best outdoor basketball sneakers under the budget. These offer stable comfort to your feet but also let you move freely. They are lightweight and designed for the sport of outdoor basketball. With the help of the multi-directional traction pattern, you can tread easily on hard outdoor surfaces. 

So worry no more if you need a pair of outdoor basketball shoes under the budget. These shoes are perfect for durability, stability and agility. You will be able to impress your friends when you play with fluency thanks to the under armour curry 3zero 3.


  • A carbon fiber shank to offer stability and balance for your legs as you play
  • Great traction and grip on the ground, lets you control your game to a dot
  • Interior cushioning protects your feet from hard landings from jumping


  • The appearance deteriorates away after a few washes, color tends to fade

3. Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive

Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive

Stylish and appealing, the Crazy Explosive comes to you from Adidas. Highly praised because of the soft cushioning and strong traction, it has some great features. The reason these shoes have such great traction is because they have various shapes carved beneath them. Straight lines and curves that are able to keep grip on to the ground. 

The material used for crafting these shoes is a rare one, called neoprene. It offers the wearer with a breathable membrane for comfort and freshness all throughout the game.


  • Neoprene keeps your feet fresh and keeps airflow on the inside ongoing
  • Midsole is crafted with boost technology for maximum output on games
  • Patterns are digitally designed in order for you to have maximum traction


  • Breathability is reduced over time as neoprene is not able to retain it well

4. Under Armour Men's UA ClutchFit Drive 2

 Under Armour Men's UA ClutchFit Drive 2

For those of you who have problems with toe boxes and lockdowns, this is a great option. Moreover, comfort is a priority when you will be playing outdoor basketball. The cushion of these shoes come with a Micro G insole. The shock absorbing cushion foam also makes sure your feet stay protected aside keeping you comfortable. 

These shoes are also very breathable and have a great design for your ankles. Worry no more about your outdoor basketball shoes feeling tight around your ankles. These shoes absolutely keep your ankles stress free and your legs ventilated.


  • Snug and comfortable fit, flexible and soft on the inside to ensure comfort
  • Good cushioning makes sure that your feet stay protected when you play
  • Breathable mesh to keep your feet ventilated and stops from collecting sweat


  • Toe box might end up feeling tight, it can cause pain over prolonged usage

5.  Reebok Men's Royal BB4500H XW

Reebok Men's Royal BB4500H XW

Reebok comes with the Royal BB4500H XW, which is a solid piece of baskbetball gear for you. The shoe is durable, crafted from synthetic leather. It also has breathable mesh to allow airflow to your feet. Durability is present with abrasion resistant material that the shoe is made of.

These shoes are extremely stylish and eye catching, and can be classified as ‘Fashion Shoes’. However, worry not because they are definitely fit for playing outdoor basketball.


  • Orthopedic sockliners to make sure that your feet stay comfortable when taking shoes off
  • Abrasion resistant material ensures that your feet do not suffer from blunt impact
  • Extremely stylish and appealing in terms of appearance and design


  • Very narrow for what they are, problematic for people with wider feet

6. adidas Men's Dame 5

adidas Men's Dame 5

Here is a pair of outdoor basketball shoes that are perfect for custom-fit. These have amazing traction, cushion and lockdown. These sneakers are one of the best fr outdoor basketball due to the support that it provides. You want to be able to feel traction without needing to put extra force into it. This is made possible by the Adidas Dame 5. 

Cushion is responsive and protective from large impacts. Your legs will stay safe and make it easy for you to play basketball outdoors.


  • Added traction provided by herringbone pattern, signature of Adidas dame series
  • Upper mesh to keep your legs breathable and containing them in airflow
  • Internal pods provide you with extra comfort to make sure you perform well


  • Heel cushioning is problematic as it is often not enough to play basketball with

7. Nike Zoom KD 12

Nike Zoom KD 12

Considered another one of the best outdoor basketball shoes, it has a unique feature. The combination of the cushioning and premium materials, along with strong traction makes it extremely competent. 

The traction provided by a solid rubber sole provides you with stability and durability. Cushioning on the inside protects your legs from impact and gives a smooth transition. Lockdown is provided by the upper part and it has a nylon lacing system. This makes sure that your feet are locked down properly as you move, without the risk of falling off.


  • Fantastic traction provided by patterns designed with a multi-directional approach
  • Zoom air cushioning provides your feet with comfort and protection at the heel
  • Lockdown is perfectly stable and significant, protecting your feet from the shoes falling off.


  • Cleats might come off as loose if they are not worn for too long.

8. Under Armour Men's HOVR Havoc 2

Under Armour Men's HOVR Havoc 2

Under Armour has another pair of outdoor basketball shoes on this list. The HOVR Havoc 2. This is one of the most well engineered shoes in the market and has some very good features.

Best for players who are looking for shoes with good traction and cushioning. The traction is provided with a synthetic engineering under the sole f the shoe. The cushioning provided is more than enough to keep the player going strong.


  • Great traction provided by the area under the sole
  • Synthetic design means that the shoes have good cushion and ease of use
  • Made for players who are looking for well engineered outdoor basketball shoes


  • Problematic shoe laces, deteriorates very fast with time

Buying Guide

Here are some of the factors that you should look out for when you are buying outdoor basketball shoes 


Obviously first and foremost, your comfort level is the most important part. You might not know about it at first, but you will learn later that it is. Choose a pair accordingly to what matches your comfort levels. 


How well are the shoes able to protect your feet from impact? The answer should be a solid yes if you are buying a pair. Remember that basketball requires you to move around frequently and one wrong move might cause severe damage to your feet.


When playing basketball, you will notice that it is very hard to play on a slippery floor. Your legs will constantly experience strong forces and your feet need to stay glued to the ground then. So choose a pair of shoes that give you proper traction when playing.

Size and Weight 

Note out what size shoes you wear before you head out to buy a pair. Moreover, also remember if you like your shoes to be very lightweight, or are okay with a little heavier ones. These two factors mean a lot when buying sports shoes. 

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to choose just one pair of these, even more so if you are a die-hard fan of the game. We have chosen the outdoor basketball shoes that seemed beneficial to the player. Comfort, playability, longevity are all factors we took into consideration before making this.

We hope you found this article helpful and that it was able to give you some idea on what to buy.

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