Best MMA Gloves in 2021

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MMA gloves

As an MMA athlete or a person just getting into MMA, possessing a fine pair of MMA gloves is always necessary. As your fist tolerates a lot of stress and works as a shield, the MMA gloves you will wear should give ample protection to your hands, thumbs and wrist.

When you make a fist in your gloves, make sure it gives you a good grip for punches with natural mobility. So make sure to choose the best MMA gloves out there, because choosing the best equipment comes as a must to ensure your performance and safety.

Best MMA Gloves in 2021

There are a variety of designs and features in MMA gloves that comes in different size, fit and density. You can choose your ideal pair from our firmly picked list of best MMA gloves and start practicing right away.





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MMA Gloves

Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves

High-quality NAPA skin tex leather built with durability.

Multi-layered foam construction with shock absorption technology.

Curved and ledge shape provides a firm grip.



Pure leather outer body with crack-resistance construction.

Thumb protection with a fully sleeved thumb.

Bigger padding with a ledge in the middle ensures mobility and protection.


MMA Gloves

Everlast Train Advanced MMA

18 inches hook & loop wrist strap support.

In-depth double stitch body.

Moisture cleaning refresh liner.


Sanabul Essential 7 oz MMA Hybrid Sparring Gloves

Engineered durable leather built.

Comes in both small and medium structure.

Ensures hand safety while sparring.


MMA Gloves

Hayabusa T3 7oz

Delivers secured fit and strong grip.

Stable wrist strap.

Lightweight and mobility.



PU leather enhances durability against striking punches.

Breathable pinholes.

Thumb protection from curved thumb padding.


MMA Gloves

Combat Sports Max Strike

Hook and loop body construction.

Ergonomic fist type.

Foam padding for shock protection.


Brace Master MMA Gloves

Strong body construction

Open palm for easy air circulation.

Thick padding for knuckle protection.


1. Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves – Best Overall  

MMA Gloves

Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA gloves provide you the good fit necessary for ensuring accurate punches and evading your gloves from slipping away while being pinned down by the opponent. Its high-quality NAPA and skintex leather with curved shape construction ensure a powerful grip on the wrist. The curved shape conforms to your hands and keeps you in control. An MMA athlete needs high wrist support and this glove ensures that with its adjustable strap positioning.

Besides, it enables single-handed pre-positioning with straps.


  • Strong density stitch.
  • Ample wrist support with strap.
  • Breathable tech and mobility.


  • Less comfort for small fist size

2. RDX T2GL MMA Gloves– Best for Design

RDX series gloves provide some great gloves for sparring and training, RDX T2GL is one of the best among them. These gloves are very long-lasting and comfortable to use for their pure leather construction.

It has thick padding with gel technology for shock absorption during a fight. The full-sleeved thumb hole and wrist pad provide extra protection from injuries.

Besides, its free palm areas make your grappling experience easier and palms breathable.


  • Real cowhide leather with great stitch quality.
  • Long wrist support strap.
  • Secure fit with hook and loop closure with EZ technology.


  • Extended open palm area.

3. Everlast Train Advanced MMA – Best For Comfort

MMA Gloves

This pair of gloves are for those who want to enrich their performance without worrying about mobility and performance. The reinforced finger loops with anatomical thump padding strengthen the protection of the athlete's hands.

Also, the 18 inches hook and loop wrist strap with trisect closure safeguards your wrist and supports it greatly. Furthermore, this glove provides a refreshing liner stitch that helps to wick away your sweat and keeps your hand odor-free.


  • Reinforced finger loops with grip control.
  • Extra-long strap to evade your hands from slipping down.
  • Quality construction with great performance.


  • Not enough punctual moisture absorption.
  • Less suitable for grappling.

4. Sanabul Essential 7 oz MMA Hybrid Sparring Gloves – Best Durability

Sanabul Essential MMA gloves are lightweight and provide great padding over knuckles for protecting your fist. Soft padding with a thumb-finger loop safeguards your thumb from injury. A long strap in the wrist gives your hand a better grip and produces powerful punches.

Although, it has great padding all over it is not that heavyweight in consideration.


  • Constructed with highly durable leather.
  • Hook and loop closure extend stability.
  • Provides knuckle protection during sparring.


  • Not comfortable for bag punching.

5. Hayabusa T3 7oz MMA Gloves– Best Value

MMA Gloves

Hayabusa Tokusha gloves are Hayabusa’s premium line gloves for MMA competitions or regular sparring. These MMA gloves are designed to enable easy movement with upper knuckle fitting without compromising comfort and performance. Hayabusa T3 is one of the best MMA gloves in the market that gives stability to an athlete with its Dual-X wrist strap and avoids wrist fracture.


  • Premium leather with crack resistance provides longer user support.
  • Breathable system with open areas in the palm.
  • Extra padding with flexible bend makes the grappling easier.


  • Less knuckle protection considering others.

6. ZTTY MMA Gloves Muay Thai– Best For Wrist Support

PU leather built and curved finishing design makes the ZTTY MMA gloves one of the best gear mates for MMA athletes. These gloves are known for their durable quality and protective padding style. Its unisex design and attractive features are impressive. This glove has features like triple-layer padding protection, breathable gear with mesh lining, and double stitching in the leather ledge division.

Also, it will keep your palms dry and comfortable for its proper ventilation design.


  • The ergonomic curved design gives mobility.
  • Enables natural fist positioning.
  • The padding divider allows maximum punching techniques.
  • Customizable fit with full wrist strap.


  • Less breathable than other gloves.

7. Combat Sports Max Strike– Best For Padding

MMA Gloves

If you are looking for a pair of MMA gloves for a heavy punching experience then buying a pair with thick and soft padding with gel technology will be ideal for you. Combat Sports Max Strike MMA gloves have all these great features to it pick as your MMA gear. It also provides ample support for wrist protection with an extra round padded extension over the knuckles. These gloves are durable against shocks comparing its price and the paddings stay in good figure for a longer time.


  • Good price range.
  • Ample amount of padding protection.
  • Comfortable movement.


  • Not suitable for professional MMA competitions.

8. Brace Master MMA Gloves– Best For Grappling

Brace Master MMA Gloves give the athlete a comfortable fighting experience with its easy-movement design with a ravishing look to go with. You can pick these MMA gloves as your sparring partner, punching gear, and even kickboxing. Strong built quality and its customizable strap enable a good grip in grappling or freeing your hand from pinning down by the opponent.


  • Designed for anti-slip purposes with strap support.
  • Ample air circulation.
  • Mobility.
  • Customizable strap.


  • Not suitable for longer-term use.
  • Less strong stitching.

MMA Gloves Buying Guide

First thing, you have to remember about MMA gloves are, they come in different size, design, and practice preferences. Therefore, you have to choose the one that best fits your preference and gaming criteria.

For every type, some specific features are always important to look into, this is- fit, wrist strap, padding density, leather quality, and comfort factor. We will walk you through some basics of these criteria so that you can choose your ideal gloves with ease.


While choosing your MMA gloves pick the ones that best fit your hands and firmly adjusted with your wrist and palm. Because often during fights the opponent might pin down your hand, in that case, the gloves might slip down your hand and it may result in an unnecessary confrontation in the ring or sparring.

So while choosing a pair of MMA gloves check the gloves by pulling it towards the knuckles and see if it comes out or not.  The best-fitted gloves do not come off easily.

Wrist Support

Wrist support is one of the most essential qualities of gloves. When your wrist has good support, it gets a strong grip and stability, which allows you to perform more confidently.

Buy gloves that have long and dual straps because they would support your wrist to avoid injuries and ensure punch accuracy. It will also give your hand stability and a non-slip advantage from the opponent's pin down.


While buying your pair of gloves check the material of your gloves because pure leather or cowhide leather gloves are more durable and traction proved than synthetic builds ones. During sparring, punch bagging, or kickboxing your gloves go through a rough patch of abrasion, so it gets torn easily if the material is not good.


High-density padding with small ledge are good quality gloves as they provide proportionate bump bar and hand movement. Dense padding also protects your knuckles and thumbs, while giving your fist a perfect grip. MMA gloves with proper padding help the athletes to avoid shock and injuries.


Breathable holes in the gloves and open palm areas let the air, flow-through your fist. It gives your hand a good sense of movement and free area to wick away the moisture and keep the odor away from your hand.

Some MMA gloves have full closure inbuilt, they make your palm sweaty and it hinders the fighter to make a strong grip. So pick the gloves that have pinholes, semi-open, or open palm areas for the air to circulate freely.

Perfectly bent ledge

The ledge between paddings of knuckle area and wrist helps the MMA gloves to make easy movement and enables the fighter to make the grip more freely.

Easy movement is one of the good qualities of the best MMA gloves; it helps you draw the fist more accurately for a punch or blow. So choose the ones that suit your mobility as preference.

Comfort Factor

MMA gloves that come with good features have one thing in common that is comfort. MMA is a combat sport that requires a lot of strength and hand pressure.

So choosing the best pair of gloves that gives your wrist and knuckles enough comfortable fit comes as the priority. Comfort factor is necessary to avoid bruises, blisters, and shock from strikes, punching bags, and opponents' blows.


You can check the durability of MMA gloves based on the number of training and material used for their construction. Usually, the premium quality MMA gloves will last at least a year or two and most of them will be worn out after this period.

Models that use fewer quality materials are usually cheaper and you can use them in basic practice sessions but for heavy MMA practice using better quality gloves are wiser. Because MMA gloves are not only fighting gear but also your protective shield to avoid injury and fractures.

Final Thoughts

In MMA training and competitions, wearing a good pair of MMA gloves is very essential for your performance and safety. Therefore, pick the one that best suits your combat style, fit, and comfort. In the article we have assembled, the top-notch MMA gloves in the market while covering all the necessary features in mind.

We have tried to ensure the quality and standard without compromising the comfort in them. However, our favorite pair is Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves, which is best overall for its quality, high-density stitches, ample amount of padding in required areas, and many more lucrative features in a good price range, with its sleek and ravishing look!

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