Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

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Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer games require you be to quick and swift. And the movement of your feet during the match depends a great deal on the shoes that you are wearing. The best indoor soccer shoes must be light in weight and flexible in nature so that you can twist and angle your feet quickly and confidently. The control on the ball too depends on the appropriate shoes. With proper base and grip you can direct the ball better.

Buyer’s Guide to Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Let’s discuss about the main features we need to look in a pair of good indoor soccer shoes.


The sole must be flexible and firm. It also should be as lightweight as possible. A firm and light sole helps boost the running and adds energy. 

Surface Material

The surface of a turf cans me made of a great many materials. So you need to consider which suits your preferences. You should get something that is easy to clean and doesn’t congest your feet. 


The insole of the turf keeps your feet comfortable and saves you from possible being hurt by an unusual twist. It is better if the inside is well cushioned.

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes in 2021

When it comes to buying good indoor soccer shoes the choices are huge. We are here to save you the hassle of going about hundreds of models. 

Here we have listed the top 10 indoor soccer shoes for your convenience:




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Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Adidas Men's Copa 20.3

Rubber sole



Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Adidas Predator 20.3


Rubber sole

Fixed lacing

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

PUMA Men’s Ultra 3.1

Fabric and synthetic

Grip control 

Rubber sole

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Nike Youth MercurialX VictoryV



Minimal fit

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Umbro Men's Chaleira Pro

Synthetic sole


Super soft leather

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Diadora Women's Capitano

Polyurethane sole

EVA Performance

Gum Rubber

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Umbro Chaleira Ii Pro

Synthetic sole

EVA midsole

Cushioned leather vamp

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

LEOCI Performance Turf

Water resistant

Synthetic leather

Rubber sole

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Adidas Men's X Ghosted.3


Rubber sole

Fixed lacing

1. Adidas Men's Copa 20.3

This is a classic indoor soccer pair designed for men. The overall material of the pair is 100% synthetic. It has a rubber sole that endures rough training sessions. The sole supports the ankle from any external pressure. All in all the materials of this shoe is comfortable and durable. 

The shaft measurement of this shoe is 0-6 inches from arch. The heel measurement of this shoe is 0-3 inches. And platform measurement of this pair is approximately 0-3 inches. The fitting is rather minimal. The boot opening measures is approximately 10 inches. So, have a look out on the fitting of this pair. 

This shoe has a well furbished finishing. The striking surface of this pair is very smooth. The tongue of the shoe is set on slightly toward the right, which makes it easy to put on and put off.


  • Super smooth surface
  • Durable sole
  • Proper fitting


  • Pointy sideway flap

2. Adidas Predator 20.3

This pair of indoor soccer shoe is Adidas’s one of most innovative models. The surface of the shoe is entirely covered with fabric material. It has a well finished rubber sole which makes the shoe very lightweight.

The minimal weight helps you run comfortably and fast. The laces on this pair are fixed. So you can have a relentless futsal experience. 

The fitting of this pair is very sturdy and comfortable at the same time. It is available in different sizes which avails the pair for both male players of different ages. There are 3 different colors to pick your pair from. 

The build quality of this model has maintained high standards. If you are a trained soccer player and want to boost your game in futsal, this is a good choice for you. Even if you are not a soccer player this will be a comfortable shoe for running or jogging.


  • Good fitting
  • Durable sole
  • Comfortable fabric surface


  • Not available for woman

3. PUMA Men's Ultra 3.1

Puma is a known for its quality and durability in the all sorts of sports products. Men’s ultra 3.1 is no different in fulfilling the expectations of the loyal customers. This pair of indoor soccer shoes is designed for comfort and durability. 

The surface of the pair is made of mixed material, both fabric and synthetic. So you will get the shine of the synth and the comfort of the fabric in one model. This is a feature that interests players who play for long hours. The pair has a lightweight rubber sole. The fitting feels so relentless that you can run without about pressure around your feet. 

The ground surface of the shoe has an excellent grip control. You can easily tackle and command the ball. If you are a defensive player then this is your go sign to get this pair.


  • Excellent grip control
  • Comfortable material
  • Lightweight sole
  • Bold looking


  • The fitting may seem tight for players with wider feet

4. Nike Youth MercurialX VictoryV

MercurialX is one of Nike’s best indoor soccer shoes. This is shoe has the upper surface of 100% synthetic material. The synth gives it a relentless look and a soft surface that does not feel too tight around the feet.

The sole of the shoe is made of soft rubber. The shoe feels makes your feet feel very light and firm at the same time. You can move forward very easily in this pair. 

This pair will have an advantage to a forward player. It has a minimal fit and lightweight body. The player will get a boost in their run in this particular pair. There is also an additional feature to this pair. The sockliner of the shoe is contoured and creates a low-profile cushioning around the ankle. So your ankle has a fair chance against those nasty defense tackles.


  • Boosts up running
  • Durable sole
  • Contoured sockliner


  • Comes in only one color

5. Adidas Men's Nemeziz

This is one of Adidas’s most budget efficient models in indoor soccer shoes. The fabric used in the upper surface of this pair is Mesh. The material adds a soft feel to the pair. The sole of these shoes made of rubber, to keep it light in weight. It also has lace closure in addition. 

The measurements of this designed to be a regular fit for adult men. The shaft measure is 6-12 inches from the arch. The boot opening measure is around 0-3 inches. It has a stylish mid cut ankle. The closured lace gives a firm fitting that is comfortable as well. 

If you are a forward player, this is a really great pair for you to have a good run in indoor fields. The breaks in the sole help you to have good control on the ball.


  • Budget efficient
  • Light weight and comfortable
  • Mid cut ankle for easy put on and put off


  • Comes only in black

6. Umbro Men's Chaleira Pro

Chaleira Pro is an absolute favorite in the list of indoor soccer shoes. It is a very fashionable design in a good price. The upper surface has soft leather and mesh contrast that give a nice texture to the pair.

At the same time, it makes sure the feet does not get too heated. It is breathable. The sole of this pair made of synth for extremely good grip while running in the field. You can move around with confidence. 

Other features in this pair add many advantages to the player in a futsal game. The midsole of this pair have molded EDA support for good reflexes and comfortable running. The medial base allows the feel to twist and turn easily without firm clutch. I can be very wisely used for foot rotations and quick turns. 

If you are a player who plays defensive then this pair can be a great use for you. You can sketch and shaft fierce tackles in this without getting yourself hurt


  • Good reflexes
  • Firm medial base
  • Breathable material


  • The sole might feel a little heavy

7. Diadora Women's Capitano

Captanio is designed by Diadora for women indoor soccer games. The pair is made of polyurethane material. The upper surface has a contrast of synth with polyurethane. This gives a nice and soft finishing to the pair. The sole of has complete polyurethane material with rubber gum, this might feel a bit heavy around the ankle. But the shoe altogether is not very heavy. 

The insole of the shoe is rather very comfortable. There is fixed cotton all around. It also has shock absorbing EVA foam tugged inside. So even if you are wearing this shoe for a long time you do not need to worry about sweaty feet. 

This pair has a firm grip on the field, so you can boost your run and dictate the ball across the ground without fearing to lose control.


  • EVA foam endures sweaty feet
  • Durable quality
  • Firm grip on the field


  • The sole might feel heavy to some

8. Umbro Chaleira Ii Pro

Chaleira Ii Pro is one of the innovative indoor soccer shoes by Umbro. It has a nicely cushioned leather vamp on the upper surface. The sole is made out of synthetic material. The shoe is super flexible and has a gentle texture.  It is popular for its durability and comfort as well. 

The sole of this pair has a medial base. This feature allows your feet to rotate and turn quickly and swiftly. You can pivot your feet for making your tackling strategies better. The inside sole of shoe has optimum cushioning and a molded EVA midsole.  It keeps your feet dry. It also has a PU toe guard that will help you take power shots with confidence.


  • Toe guard for safety
  • Medial base for taking flexible shots
  • Optimum cushioning for comfort


  • The sole might seem a little heavy

9. LEOCI Performance Turf

This is one of the most stylish indoor soccer shoes by LEOCI. The design contrasts bold colors for a fantastic sporty look. The upper surface of this model is made of comfortable synthetic leather. The sole has soft rubber material. It is a close fit shoe that has a firm grip around your feet. 

This pair is water resistance and easy to clean. The durability of this turf shoe has been looking really good. It can go well in daily trainings as well as rough matches. The reasonable stiff sole also has anti-skid that helps you keep a good grip even in rain.


  • Water resistance
  • Firm grip
  • Lightweight


  • All sizes may not be available

10. Adidas Men's X Ghosted

Adidas being one of the most popular brands in the market, you can trust the quality and the durability of the product without any worries. But we are to look for what additional features do this model has to make a claim in the list of our best indoor soccer shoes. 

This model has an upper surface of 100% synthetic material and a rubber sole. It is a super lightweight shoe. This will boost your run up and comfy in the ground. It comes in over 3 different colors to serve justice to your style. 

This shoe is good for quick movement and fast running for a forward position player. You can also use this for day to day training.


  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Lightweight


  • The grip is not very firm

For a good game, you must be at your best. So make sure you are comfortable and flexible in your shoes. The list above explains everything you need to know about a soccer shoe. Hope it helps you find your proper pair. Happy shopping!

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