Best Home Gymnastics Bar

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Best Home Gymnastics Bar

Due to covid-19, there are a lot more restrictions for gym-goers as they are unable to hit the gym. This is where home gymnastics bars come into play as these allow you to implement all sorts of calisthenics workouts to target different parts of your body, including compound or isolation movements. Find out the list of the best home gymnastics bar.

We feel like we are limited by the lack of resources but a home gymnastics bar will let you push yourself to a higher level of fitness so that you can maintain your physique in time for when the pandemic is over and until your local gym reopens. The home gymnastics bar is the perfect tool that makes working out at home more fun.

Best Home Gymnastics Bar In 2021

There are a large number of brands to choose from when you want a home gymnastics bar but not all of them offer the best. So we have compiled a list of the ten home gymnastics bars that we hope are the best for you.




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. Z Athletic Adjustable Bar

Z Athletic Adjustable Bar

Competition level beam

Four adjustable levels

Cross-linked foam

ProsourceFit Dip Station

ProsourceFit Dip Station

Strong iron tubing

Three colors available

Stabilizing connector

KT Power Tower Bar

KT Power Tower Bar

Spanner free adjustment

Force bearing stand

Wide handlebar

Lebert Fitness Bar

Lebert Fitness Bar

Stable dip station

Two sizes available

Stack and store bars

Jfit Multi Door Bar

Jfit Multi Door Bar

Included hardware

Adjustable hand grips

Rubber stoppers

Iron Gym Workout Bar

Iron Gym Workout Bar

Professional grade grip

Safety manual included

Assembly tools free

Perfect Fitness Portable Bar

Perfect Fitness Portable Bar

Three grip options

Padded handles

One year warranty

Serenelife Portable Trampoline

Serenelife Portable Trampoline

Padded handlebar

Foldable design

Assembly instruction manual

LEKODE Horizontal Bar

LEKODE Horizontal Bar

Rubber High-density foam

Switchable grips

Three grip positions

Rubberbanditz Parallel Bar

Rubberbanditz Parallel Bar

Ebook exercise list

Non Skid feet

Money-back guarantee

1. Z Athletic Adjustable Bar

. Z Athletic Adjustable Bar

For fitness freaks of all kinds or if you just want to practice health alongside your family, Z Athletic is here with the best home gymnastics bar that you can find online.

It comes with a support mat which you can find multiple uses, ranging from a safety pad in case you fall from the bar or as cushioning for other exercises that require jumping or flipping. The bar is also coated in foam to reduce strain on your arms or feet so that you don't injure yourself.


  • It is made from the same materials that are used in professional gyms
  • Fiberglass provides the bar with flexibility during training
  • The wooden bar is smoothly coated to make it free of splinters


  • The support bar may be a bit rounded on some orders

2. ProsourceFit Dip Station

ProsourceFit Dip Station

ProsourceFit has huge experience in creating low-cost equipment at high quality and now you can take advantage of their dip station to make your home workout stations much more fun.

This home gymnastics bar offers a plethora of upper body exercises featuring a lot of calisthenics movements which is great for mobility training. The bar is detachable and light so that you have no issue storing this product.


  • It can provide support up to 400 lbs. of weight
  • You can change the bar size to accommodate your height
  • The bottom is coated in rubber so that it doesn't snap from your weight
  • This can fit in the trunk of your car for outdoor workouts


  • The heavier the weight the more it will shake

3. KT Power Tower Bar

KT Power Tower Bar

If you want to switch to calisthenics workouts instead of doing weight training then this large home gymnastics bar will help you with any upper body exercise you will be doing.

Its large size and shape ensure that you have enough space to perform all kinds of movement be they at a lower or higher level while also offering stability due to its unique shape as a form of workout equipment.


  • Your toes don't touch the ground with this home gymnastics bar
  • It can support weights ranging from 160-400 lbs
  • It only takes 10 seconds to fold this tower


  • Not suitable for CrossFit users

4. Lebert Fitness Bar

Lebert Fitness Bar

This home gymnastics bar may seem simple but don't let that make you underestimate the efficiency and the number of exercises you can do with this dip bar.

From chest dips to incline pushups, every muscle group on the upper body and core can be targeted with the help of this sturdy dip bar. What makes this such a useful workout tool is that your height does not limit the exercises you can do on this bar.


  • Takes your wrist comfort into consideration
  • Private online coaching is offered
  • Free hip resistance band


  • The standard size may be small for some users

5. Jfit Multi Door Bar

Jfit Multi Door Bar

Sometimes you don't need an entire gym to get gains as long as you know how to properly use what you already have and this door bar emulates exactly what you need to work out at home.

You can set it to different heights for pull-ups or place it lower to perform pushups without worrying about it slipping on the wooden sides due to your weight.


  • You can spread the grips for a wide or narrow hold
  • Safety brackets ensure no damage to your doors
  • Just twist the bar to extend the length


  • There is no locking feature to stop twisting

6. Iron Gym Workout Bar

Iron Gym Workout Bar

The iron gym workout bar offers the cheapest price for high-quality home exercise equipment that makes maintaining your body an easier priority.

It features several bar positions for exercises such as pull-ups, chins up, or abdominal exercises such as hanging leg raise.


  • It can be moved around to anywhere you want to place it
  • You can do floor exercises such as ab workouts
  • The marks it leaves on the wall are easy to clean


  • The barb may not fit because of the door molding length

7. Perfect Fitness Portable Bar

Perfect Fitness Portable Bar

The perfect fitness name ensures that this is the best home gymnastics bar for intermediate to advanced workout sessions at home.

You can even go for harder workouts with a weight vest as this durable metal bar can handle weights up to 300 lbs. so there is no fear of it snapping under pressure.


  • The handles are padded for explosive movements
  • A door frame guard limits damage to wooden doors
  • There is an offer of one year's warranty


  • The parts are not labeled during assembly

8. Serenelife Portable Trampoline

Serenelife Portable Trampoline

This home gymnastics bar is a unique training set as it offers a trampoline along with a sturdy workout bar that can be used by children and adults.

The trampoline makes for a worthwhile fat-burning cardio session that is filled with fun.


  • Rust Proof powder ensures long-lasting use
  • You can store it in a kit bag
  • Coil rings keep your trampoline safe for jumping


  • The seams may fall apart if too much pressure is applied

9. LEKODE Horizontal Bar

LEKODE Horizontal Bar

One of the sturdiest and strongly built home gymnastics bars available, this comes with all you need to assemble it piece by piece including the screws and spanners.

This bar is ready to help you target your back which is one of the hardest areas to hit when working out at home due to the lack of equipment.


  • It can even support heavyweight bodybuilders up to 200kg
  • Easily switch between grips to target different muscles
  • You can use workout bands with this bar for assisted workouts


  • It may take longer to set up because of all the parts

10. Rubberbanditz Parallel Bar

Rubberbanditz Parallel Bar

Enjoy performing a plethora of CrossFit or calisthenic exercises with this durable home gymnastics bar that will support heavyweights for any workout session.

The stainless steel design maintains the bar durability so that you can get through long lockdown periods without having to buy any other equipment.


  • The rubber grips at the bottom are especially thick
  • You can use these for outdoor or indoor workouts
  • The top bar is fitted with foam for the ultimate grip


  • Some orders may end up with crooked bars

Home Gymnastics Bar Buying Guide

Different brands offer different features depending on what you choose and if the choice you make is right then the quality should help you to maintain long-lasting use depending on how much strain you put on the equipment.

Weight Limit

Depending on the weight of the user the bar will offer different periods of use as heavier weights will cause more damage on the bar causing it to snap mid-workout. Working out is all about fluctuating weight so you need to buy a workout bar that can accommodate the change in your weight as it is necessary for safety during exercises.

The placement of the bar will also determine whether the bar will be stable so if you don't want to damage your walls then get a bar that is perfect for handling weights up to 400 lbs.


For most gymnastics bars the height of the user is important as a placement at a lower angle will cause your feet to touch the very annoying ground. Rooms with low ceilings should be avoided in this case but it should be fine if you are of shorter height.

Some bars offer adjustable lengths but the location of your placement may go against this.

You need a bar that can accommodate the width of your shoulders so that there is more room for movement because you don't want to do pull-ups in an enclosed space. You need to consider whether you will place the bar in an open room or on a door frame in case you fall as you will need more room for safety purposes.

Stable Bars

This is the most important thing to look out for as stable equipment has fewer chances of swaying and breaking down during movement. The constant shaking may break your concentration so any home gymnastics bar with a rubber sole will help your bar to grip the floor or wall so sliding is limited or canceled out to the minimum.

Some bars may also offer other safety features such as locking mechanisms or spring locks to help the bar stay in place but the downside may be a rise in the price as the added features will make it more expensive although some brands are available at cheaper prices.

Final Thoughts

Every bar on this list is suitable for varying skill levels and offers its unique perks but the Z Athletic bar is our suggested choice for you because it is the best for balance training and also because of its colorful design.

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