Best Gymnastic Grips

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Best Gymnastic Grips

Having the right set of equipment is important if you are to meet a bunch of demands at once. This stands true in everything. Take the gymnastic grips for example. Find the list of  best gymnastic grips in this article.

When you’re on the rig bar or any other obstacle in general, these grips come as a necessity if you want to make sure your hands stay healthy. You need a good option to protect your hands since you’re going to be putting them through some hard work.

Best Gymnastic Grips

With the number of options out there, it can be daunting to choose a gymnastic grip of the best quality you can get. Lucky for you, we have gathered today, some of the best quality grips you can get out there.




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Bear KompleX Leather Hand Grips

Bear KompleX Leather Hand Grips

Reduced slipping

Ensures full stability and support

Breathable design

ProFitness Cross Training Grips

ProFitness Cross Training Grips

Provides you with blister and callus free hands

Offers great wrist support

Gives you a snug fit

 JerkFit WODies Full Palm Protection Grips

JerkFit WODies Hand Grips

Great palm protection

Really comfortable to wear

Durable design

WODFitters Textured Leather Hand Grips

WODFitters Textured Leather Hand Grips

Amazing hand protection

Easy to wear and adjust

Ergonomic design

WOD Nation Barbell Gymnastics Grips

WOD Nation Barbell Gymnastics Grips

Made from premium materials

Doesn’t cause any wrist irritation

Great durability

AEOLOS Leather Gymnastics Hand Grips

AEOLOS Leather Gymnastics Hand Grips

Offers refunds and replacements

Has an ergonomic design

Comes with a palm protector hand guard

1. Bear KompleX Leather Hand Grips

Bear KompleX Leather Hand Grips

The Bear KompleX are a great choice with their 2 and 3 hole option available. One of the main reasons that these grips are loved is because of their construction. They are made of leather that is soft and resilient and offer your both flexibility and durability.

It has a perfect leather design since it balances out the functions and grip you need with the needed resilience. When you’re on the bar, they make sure to not be too ‘sticky’, which can essentially cause tearing and also difficulty in movement, but they still give you the proper grip while also giving your hands the proper protection.

The design ensures to avoid any wrist mobility impairments while aiming for both durability and strength, meaning, whether it is strength training exercises, weightlifting, wall balls, dumbbells, kettlebells or whatever it is that you may do, you will have full movement of the wrist.

An overlooked but essential part of getting a good grip is the stitching. To make sure you don’t lose them due to weak stitches halfway through a workout, the Bear KompleX boasts a triple stitched stress-point design. 

A complaint that many customers have is relating to discomfort at the start of using these. What’s wrong here is that leather just simply requires a breaking in process, you will need to have some time to adapt to these, especially if they’re your first leather grips.

You can easily get around this by working them a bit after having the grips soaked in warm water before you use them for workouts.


  • ITTF Approved Rubber
  • Features Carbon Technology for Power and Speed
  • Ultra lightweight Balsa wood center-ply


  • Expensive

2. ProFitness Cross Training Grips

ProFitness Cross Training Grips

The ProFitness Grips offer you a more ergonomic design and a softer product being designed out of suede leather. They don’t require just as much breaking in as a full leather product would need and they also grip to your skin without binding.

You can also get these grips in 2 and 3 hole versions. While this design does offer you a lot more flexibility, compared to a full leather, this one is most likely to provide you with a slightly less durable grip. 

This product offers you great breathability, which means that you will have drier hands, less tears and blisters and of course, a great build quality. Even if the product sustains some serious damage or just breaks down after a couple of years of use, you are entitled to get another pair without any charge due to its included lifetime warranty.

This offers you a sense of assurance and reliability as you don’t really need to buy another pair, which is certainly a great backup tp have. 

The only negative reviews that can be found about this product are mostly from people who bought the wrong size. The functionality will suffer if you don’t know what size to buy. So make sure you get accurate hand measurements and match it up with their size guide.


  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • Leather grips are really durable
  • Strong, textured and also flexible


  • The fitting problems happen often so make sure to check your size properly

3. JerkFit WODies Full Palm Protection Grips

 JerkFit WODies Full Palm Protection Grips

This grip has an addition of a connected grip and support for the wrist. Although at first it may come off as a great idea but in reality it is sure to be a problem with any kind of weightlifting movements or a position that requires you to extend your wrists, for example, wall ball.

Blocking the movements of the wrist will not damage the technique but also certainly risk more injury, which makes these movements really not optimal at all.

When the position of the wrist is fairly fixed on a position like ring dips or pull ups, these grips can offer amazing movements. However, they do lack versatility. CrossFit trainees have various needs and it isn’t really well equipped for that.

It is made out of neoprene-elastic material which can be quite lightweight and flexible but it still does raise some concerns about the build quality since it is really unlikely to provide similar quality as a leather suede product. It runs an increased risk of tears and damaging your hand with the weaved fabric design. 

They may be the first synthetic/neoprene product but they are unable to provide the same grip as leather. They do take pride in being wash-dryer safe.


  • Washer and dryer friendly
  • Sweat absorption keeps your hands dry
  • Offers a 2 in 1 design


  • Movement is cut down due to wrist support

4. WODFitters Textured Leather Hand Grips

WODFitters Textured Leather Hand Grips

Another leather designed product that offers a lot of durability, stability and resilience. The soft leather provides a great balance between flexibility and strength while the textured leather gives you some additional grip quality.

This makes these grips an amazing mid ground for anyone that wants a durable grip without requiring too much adjustment or breaking in. This will be a great product right out of the box. 

The only consistently occurring problem with the WODFitters is that the wrist straps fray. The leather has a great quality but the wrist strap is mostly made out of low quality synthetic weave which causes them to easily fray and tear.

The straps also tend to leave some ligature marks on your wrists when you wear them, which raises a bit of concern for a product meant to protect your wrists. If consistently used they are most likely going to make you look like you’ve been held hostage for a few weeks. 

This product is great and really useful for beginners at most and you should be careful with the wrist strap buckle if you are to use them.


  • Comes with durable leather grip
  • The leather build is long term
  • The texture provides better grip on the bar


  • The strap comes with quite a few manufacturing problems

5. WOD Nation Barbell Gymnastics Grips

WOD Nation Barbell Gymnastics Grips

These grips provide a heavy duty nylon wrist strap with a soft leather grip. The leather is coarse, soft and flexible which provides you a great balance with durability, flexibility and texture but it also raises some concerns about the product’s longevity since it is likely going to lose surface mass as time goes by. 

A consistently occurring problem that’s seen is that it has far too big finger holes. Which can be a problem since it means that the base of your fingers won’t really be protected from calluses, damage and tears due to the slack.


  • Soft and durable design
  • Great for all types of bar exercises
  • Aesthetics were kept in mind


  • The wrist strap can turn out to be more of a problem than benefit

6. AEOLOS Leather Gymnastics Hand Grips

AEOLOS Leather Gymnastics Hand Grips

If you’re frequently dealing with metal bars or any other type of equipment that requires you to grab it then these are sure to protect your hands from both abrasions and scars.

The AEOLOS grips are a great choice for CrossFit training with the 3 hole design that gives you support when handling metal bars. 

The problem with this is again the wrist support which is connected to the hand grip, thus impeding your movement and being unable to properly support your wrist.

Think of it as wearing a really tightly fitted watch when you’re working out, it would surely be a bit uncomfortable. It can be a great choice for people who want to introduce weightlifting to their training regime to develop core strength and grow some muscles.


  • It comes in at a pretty affordable price
  • Provides a snug fit around your fingers
  • Especially great for beginners


  • The wrist strap does more harm than good

Buyers Guide

Gymnastic grips are commonly used by more competitive gymnasts who want to make the most out of their training. They are a type of glove that is used to support your wrist and cover your palm when you are working out with bars or performing on high bars and such.

If you’re thinking of when to start using them, this should be something to discuss with your coach. While they don’t just make you perform better, they do give you confidence to execute your performances. 

Even though they don’t ensure the 100% protection of your hands, they still protect them from some rips, support your wrists and protect you from getting a wrist injury. If you’re someone who is really active as an athlete, you may consider getting yourself one for more consistent training.

Protection of your Hands

The very purpose of a gymnastic grip is to ensure the safety and health of your hands. Your training sessions can often be disrupted because of rips and calluses on your hands and that keeps you from doing any grip intensive or open palm workout. 

Durability of the Grips

Durability is just as important as protection. The grips need to be made from good materials that ensure durability. You probably wouldn’t want something that you need to change often or even just something that is going to end up breaking apart on you, mid training.

Weight of the Grips

Considering the fact that you would most likely be doing some intense workouts the grips also need to be lightweight. Otherwise it will just be hard for you to deal with your weightlifting movements, kettlebells or whatever it is that you may train with. Dealing with a variety of movements isn’t necessarily what gymnastic hand grips were built for. 

Movement of the Wrists

Beyond everything else, they need to let your wrists have enough space and freedom so that they can easily complete a full range of motion. If it is blocking your wrist movement or just making you put your wrists in uncomfortable positions to get something done, then they are no good.

Impeding the movement of your wrist is not ideal at all since it may come in the way of your training and often cause your tendons to rip or be bruised.

Final Words

There are tons of options available when it comes to choosing a good gymnastic hand grip for more efficient training. It becomes even harder to make the decision based on the construction of it, the effectiveness and the pricing too. We hope this helps you make a smart decision and find something suitable to you!

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