Best Enduro Boots

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Best Enduro Boots

Alongside your helmet, enduro boots are probably going to be the most expensive part of your biker gear. Such a wide variety of options might make it difficult for you to choose an enduro boot pair. Moreover, you might be left confused by the price tag of some of these things. They usually do not come cheap with the quality they provide. Today we have for you the best Enduro Boots in the market!

Best Enduro Boots in 2021

With that said, this list of enduro boots considers both comfort and protection. When possible, the budget is also taken into consideration. All the boots considered here will be able to withstand severe situations and extreme conditions.




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Alpinestars Tech 7

Alpinestars Tech 7

Contains ankle protection system to secure it from torsional forces

Superior comfort, control and support is provided

Extended microfiber gaiter for preventing excess water or mositure

Fox Racing 2020 Comp R

Fox Racing 2020 Comp R

Designed for enduro riders in order to survive extreme situations

Wide and tough outer sole is able to protect your leg from abrasion

TPU shin plate and calf guard provides you with the necessary protection all around

TCX X Blast

TCX X Blast

Modern engineering for quality, excessive protection for you

Fully adjustable lock buckle system for more flexibility

Great for beginners who are starting out enduro biking

Sidi X3

Sidi X3

Made for professional enduro bikers with top notch quality

Stitched with a sole that is made for wet and slippery situations

Fit for other adventure trails such as motocross

Gaerne SG 12

Gaerne SG 12

Lightweight boots, while still maintaining durability and protection

Made for individuals who like loose fit, who have bigger feet

Simple and easy to use buckle system for convenience

 Fox Racing Instinct

Fox Racing Instinct

Duratac rubber compound is present on the sole which is made for obstacles such as wet rocks, roots or muddy hills

Lockout system to stop motion of the ankle in extreme situations

Burn guard to give you more grip when on the bike

O'Neal 0325-111

O'Neal 0325-111

Microfiber with TPU reinforcing for protecting your feet

Toe guard made of metal, prevents injury when the boot front suffers impact

Metal reinforcement over the whole boot and is able to add support

Alpinestars Corozal Adventure

Alpinestars Corozal Adventure

Upper construction from PU coating leather

TPU shin plate and calf guard protects your legs further

Steel shank co-injected so that you feel comfortable and safe

1. Alpinestars Tech 7

Alpinestars Tech 7

Alpinestars brings you a product for your comfort and protection for enduro. Particularly engineered and designed with a compound sole for superior grip, this is one of the best enduro boots in the market. 

The boot is flexible and resistant to abrasion. Constructed at the upper area with microfiber material, and reinforced further with water-resistant wrapping. The sole and foot peg insert are both replaceable. Alpinestar is successful once again as this boot is extremely popular amongst Enduro experts and veterans.

Tears, scratches are all things you might encounter while in a dirt track. These can all be tackled by the Tech 7 and this is what makes it the best enduro boot in the market.


  • Superior protection of the ankle by the new TPU ankle protection
  • Microfiber gaiter is able to make sure that your feel stay dry and comfy
  • The shell of the boot is highly resistant to abrasion and impact


  • The boot may be tight fitted for some people due to the compound sole

2. Fox Racing 2020 Comp R

Fox Racing 2020 Comp R

These boots are an upgrade of the Comp X boots. They provide more toughness, comfort and flexibility needed for harsher terrain. The outer sole is wide and tough. This makes it able to provide more grip. The extra stability makes the boots more noticeable when you need more grip in wet conditions. 

You can find the perfect fit by using the internal lace up system. This offers riders with the ability to adjust the fit of the boot around the ankles. With the TPU shin plate, your legs are protected extensively from blunt force or abrasion. The rubberized toe calf guard are able to give you the safety you need when driving your enduro bike.


  • TPU shin plate protects your shins from any damage with abrasion resistance
  • Great value for money, best in its feature range for the price in the market
  • Rubberized toe cap and calf guard provides you with all the protection


  • Ankle support mechanism might warp when applied with excessive force

3. TCX X Blast

TCX X Blast

The TCX X Blast is a fairly new boot in the market, but it knocks it out of the park. This is an extremely affordable pair of enduro boots for beginners. Fit with all the necessary features, this boot can also make for a great gift for someone who wants to start enduro biking. 

These boots will be able to offer the rider with two soles. One which is tailored for motocross, the other made for enduro. These soles are made to hold tightly in place. Reinforced with recessed stitching which adds more durability and strength to the overall performance of the boot.


  • Replaceable soles, meaning this is great for the money
  • Made for beginners who are just starting out the sport of enduro
  • TCX Dual Control System helps to prevent awkward positions


  • Tight, uncomfortable fit for people with bigger feet

4.Sidi X3

Sidi X3

The Sidi X3 boots are ideally made for enduro and motocross. It is very easy to find the rear brake for the rider in this boot. The feel of the sole is also very admirable for how it was constructed. Moreover, the sole is replaceable, which means this boot will have an even longer life.

Riders who perform in enduro regularly may want extra arch support. However, there are also those who enjoy the thrill and risk of the sport. For them, this boot pair has a removable arch support pad. This means that you can adjust your enduro boot according to your preferences.


  • TA sole made of rubber that is anti-skid, easily replaceable if damaged
  • Features a very easy and superior brake feel when it is pressed
  • Extremely durable and made for professionals who perform regularly


  • Tight fit may make you feel uncomfortable under more stressful cases

5. Gaerne SG 12

Gaerne SG 12

The Gaerne SG-12 is a flexible pair of boots designed with innovation. If you have ever faced difficulties finding a pair of enduro boots due to having wide feet, worry no more. These boots are lightweight to feel, but they actually are made with quite dense material. This makes them slightly higher on the price range, but it is definitely worth it for those with wider feet!

The buckle system is nice and easy to use, with replaceable clasps to keep it grounded. The sole has an anti-shock feature which gives it a solid feel on the pegs. This enables it to absorb shock without any necessity for inner protection.


  • Premium quality boots made of top notch leather for comfort and protection
  • Buckle system with convenient ease of usage, has replaceable clasps present
  • Able to absorb high amounts of shock without any extra protection inside.


  • As this is a product for those with wider feet, ordinary feet users are not recommendable

6. Fox Racing Instinct

 Fox Racing Instinct

The Fox Racing Instinct features a burn guard and Duratac Sole. The burn guard is able to provide you with an amazing grip. Duratac is the exclusive rubber compound of Fox, and gives you excellent durability on the sole. 

This boot pair is made for versatility. It can tolerate variant situations involving weather and abrasion, and it is resistant to both. Moreover, it has a buckle that works flawlessly each time. The slim medial designs end up keeping you close to the bike.


  • Hinge Lockout prevents motion from going hyper extensive when riding
  • Fox’s exclusive Duratec rubber gives you excellent grip and durability
  • The buckle operates very easily and without any error for many years


  • The versatility means that it is not specialized for comfort at times

7. O'Neal 0325-111

O'Neal 0325-111

O’Neal strikes again with a great pair of boots for enduro. These boots are secure, have quality and provide you with protection. You can trust the impact resistant plastic plates that are used in construction. They guarantee your safety at every step. 

The interior has a mesh panel to keep your feet feeling fresh and comfortable. These boots do not nail any particular field, but they are excellent for the brand value they provide.


  • Protection from impact with injection molded plastic plates
  • Snap lock adjustable four buckle, convenient and easy to operate
  • Interior has an air mesh that keeps it fresh and gives comfort to user


  • A bit expensive

8. Alpinestars Corozal Adventure

Alpinestars Corozal Adventure

A premium set of boots, the Corozal Adventure is made with protective features.This boot pair is also very lightweight for how strong it is. To maintain breathability, it is made with an advanced microfiber and suede chassis. If you want a pair of enduro boots for comfort, this is the one you should go for. 

Construction wise, these boots are made with a PU-coated leader and suede leather. This results in extreme levels of comfort and durability. It also provides your legs with abrasion resistance. For better movement and control, the lightweight and durable microfiber really helps out.


  • Breathable interior lining, makes your boots comfortable and ventilating
  • Steel shank for reinforcement of structure and providing support to the arch
  • Excellent comfort and protection provided by PU-coated and suede leather


  • Wear gets bad over time, deteriorates exponentially under extreme conditions

Buying Guide

There are quite a few factors to look out for when you are getting an enduro boot pair. Several of these will result in your overall performance when you are out on the track.


First and foremost, the comfort you find your enduro boot will be important. You need to ask yourself if you are at full ease when wearing these. If not, it may be a very bad experience for you when you are driving your bike on the enduro track.

Construction and Material

There are several materials that factor in when making an enduro boot pair. So what should you concern yourself with? To not make it too complicated, the sole material is the only material that you should be properly concerned with. This should be constructed in a way that makes your boots look good while also providing superior protection to your legs.


How experienced are you at enduro biking? You need to decide what kind of boot pair you want to go for. If you are a beginner, a pair of expert boots might give you a hard time with maintenance. If you are an expert, you might want to stay away from beginner boots. Else you may find yourself severely damaged, as these boots are usually not for extreme conditions.  

Buckle Systems and Locks

When under extreme situations, you need to ensure that you are getting maximum lockage and protection. You cannot risk your boots falling off your feet at any point. Or else, that may prove to be very harmful and end you up at the hospital. Get a par with safe buckle system, even better if it is made of aluminum, which is light and strong. 

Water Resistant

In an enduro track, you risk getting your gear wet often. This might hamper your performance due to the extra weight and discomfort. This requires you to get a pair of boots that is resistant to water.

Final Thoughts

These were the best enduro boots in the market. There are a lot of factors to go through when you chose an enduro boot to buy. So select accordingly to those. We hope you found this article helpful to make your decision.

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