Best CrossFit Gloves

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Best CrossFit Gloves

When lifting heavy weights during a workout, a CrossFit glove is a great asset to have. Besides, you don't want to grab those bars that have been touched by dozens of your workout buddies, after all. Whether it's for protection or warmth, having a pair of gloves on hands will make the difference when cross-training. In this article, we'll make an in-depth review of the best CrossFit gloves that are on the market right now. Let's get this ball rolling!

Best Crossfit Gloves in 2021




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Fit Active

Fit Active

Inherent wrist belts

Shielded palms

Crafted from silicon printed neoprene

Unisex item

Bear KompleX

Bear KompleX

Adjustable wrist belts

Anti-skid leather material

Threefold sewing

JerkFit WODies Full Palm Protection Grips


Long-lasting built quality

Abundant of sizes

Easily washable

Adaptable device



Air-permeable grips

Anti-skid feature

refundable policy



Robust grip

6-months warranty

Ensures total satisfaction

1. Fit Active

Fit Active

The Fit Active Sports' CrossFit gloves are made to offer both convenience and protection simultaneously. You can achieve the best workout performance thanks to the silicon neoprene printed on both ends. Furthermore, since it is fluid-resistant, you don't have to think about its reliability.

The Velcro belts allow you to securely wrap the gloves around your wrists for a better grip when lifting heavy weights. Its active design enables ventilation, which keeps the hand from sweating. This unisex glove is also available in a variety of sizes and is cost-effective, so it gets you covered!


  • Adaptable Velcro belts
  • Maximum airflow
  • Low-priced


  • The finger holes aren't big enough

2.Bear KompleX

Bear KompleX

The 3 Hole Hand Grips from Bear KompleX are standing tall in the industry with their distinct premium quality. Its premium-stitching leather quality guarantees a smooth grip and long life, making them one of the best CrossFit gloves out there. Moreover, its design outline is also satisfying. Considering the absence of finger holes, yet it is comfortable to wear.

Bear KompleX offers a range of sizes and colors to choose from. And thanks to its adjustable wrist belts, you never need to worry about having the power you need.


  • Premium leather quality
  • Long-lasting
  • An array of color options


  • Isn't well-protected

3. JerkFit

JerkFit WODies Full Palm Protection Grips

The JerkFit WODies CrossFit Grips are specifically designed for athletes. This brand is well-known for offering the best protection for your hands. It's made of a knitted acrylic-like elastic material that effortlessly slithers and absorbs your palm. Thanks to the GRIP-RIDGE technology, these gloves can retain more chalks because of the tiny grooves coated over them.

Besides, it also supports the joints with 3" thick belts when workout. However, it is always a smart option to measure your palms before making a purchase. Since it was crafted with pro athletes in mind, you can count on its long-term durability. To top it off, these gloves are flexible, allowing you to easily tailor them to your hands.


  • GRIP-RIDGE Engineering for better grip
  • Thick wrist-belts to support joint
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • No palm protection at all
  • Needs time to settle in before the full impact

4. Emerge


Emerge's CrossFit Gloves are another pair of gloves that break into the best value category. This glove is yet another card if you want maximum protection without losing the conventional look. Its practical development provides adequate airflow as well as optimum palm safety.

Since the grip is built slightly larger, it covers and also protects your palm and bottom fingers.  It also has a neoprene coating, which makes it more durable. Overall, you'll never have to sacrifice comfort with these pair of gloves.


  • Safeguards both palm and fingertips
  • Easy to use
  • Variety of colors to choose from


  • Poor stitching



If you go to the gym every day for a hard session, you need to cover your palms as a whole. This is where the PHERAL FIT Natural Leather Hand Grips will assist. The first thing that will draw your attention is its thickness, as it is incredibly skinny.

Aside from that, it has a non-slip surface and has gritty leather feel to them. All these provide you a genuine feel when holding the equipment and allow for optimum chalk absorption.

You won't have to go through the trouble of monitoring your frequency during your workout with this pair of gloves.  It also comes with adjustable wrist belts that provide support and reduce wrist tension.


  • Finest feel on the skin
  • Money return policy
  • Prolonged endurance


  • Palms are not overlaid

Crossfit Gloves Buying Guide

Before you pour your money on a pair of CrossFit gloves, consider the factors that will suit your requirements. In this segment, we've gone through the factors you should take into consideration before making your choice:


The material from which they are crafted is the first thing you can think about. They can be made from leather or lycra/neoprene, and each has its own set of construction characteristics. So choose one that will blend in with your skin and provide you with ease.


Leather is often used in the construction of gloves, whether synthetic or natural. This is because it gives the palms a natural feel and maximum satisfaction during workouts. Furthermore, once on the palms, it offers good grip and versatility.

Apart from all of these benefits, leather is also an better option if you really want dependable longevity and long-term use. They are, however, quite difficult to clean in a washer. Even so, they have excellent value for money.


Lycra or neoprene is the alternatives if leather turns out to be an expensive choice for you.  Gloves made of these materials provide excellent value for money, as they can also provide an enhanced grip when holding the bars and provide adequate palm safety.

Despite not being as durable as leathers, they are still capable of controlling moisture production on your palms and preventing sweating. On top of that, they are machine-washable. Furthermore, they are washable. When the moment arises, you'll find it much easier to clean them up.


Of course, who wants to buy CrossFit gloves every now and then? If you want your gloves to last for a while, but ones that are designed specifically for training. They're more advanced gloves with laminated palms and fine detailing. These gloves will hold their value for a much-prolonged duration.

Fitting and Air Permeability

When it comes to anticipating performance, you'll need those palm-hugging gloves. It doesn't have to be extremely stiff. What this means is that it should fit snugly in your palm while also allowing for breathing space and finger versatility.

Furthermore, if the gloves are too stiff, sweaty palms can generate contamination and a stinky smell. So, you must choose the appropriate size that catalyzes to deliver the best results.

Wrist Support

The wrist strap is a mandatory inclusion on every CrossFit glove nowadays. Because a wrist strap not only protects against injury but also enhances performance offering the best possible comfort.


If a pair of gloves comes with a form of cushioning, it will give extra comfort to your hands and, thus, to you. During a strenuous workout, extra cushioning will relieve pressure on the palm, allowing you to perform at your best without over-sweating. As a result, you should look for gloves that offer plenty of cushioning.

Final Thoughts

With so many choices on the market, picking the best one for you can be difficult. But have no fear, we've attempted to conquer the unimaginable with our list of the best CrossFit gloves. Whichever gloves you use, make sure they protect you from fatal injury during your next workout.

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